Published On: August 9, 2023

Netflix Introduces Game Controller App for TV Gaming Experience

Published On: August 9, 2023
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Netflix Introduces Game Controller App for TV Gaming Experience

Netflix has a new app on iPhone and iPad designed for TV gaming, but functionality has yet to come.

Netflix Introduces Game Controller App for TV Gaming Experience

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Netflix has unveiled a new iOS app, the "Netflix Game Controller," which hints at the company's intention to expand its gaming offerings beyond mobile platforms and onto TV screens. 

Although the app currently lacks interactive functionality, its description alludes to a forthcoming feature that allows subscribers to play games on their TVs using their smartphones or mobile devices. The move suggests Netflix's ambition to diversify its entertainment portfolio and tap into the market of TV-based gaming experiences.

The Netflix Game Controller app offers users a virtual gamepad layout reminiscent of physical gaming controllers. The interface includes a prominent virtual joystick on the left, an "N" button, a Start button in the middle, and a set of four face buttons on the right, one of which is noticeably larger than the rest, resembling a GameCube controller. 

Upon launching the app, you will be greeted with a message encouraging you to select a game on your TV and follow the indicated instructions for connecting. The description on the App Store further emphasizes that the Game Controller app pairs with TVs to enable gaming experiences through mobile devices. 

The description reads, "Coming soon to Netflix. Play games on your TV with the Netflix Game Controller. This Game Controller app pairs with your TV and allows you to play games on Netflix using your phone or mobile device." Netflix Games on TV are currently in beta, and the disclaimer indicates that specific devices might not be compatible at this stage. 

Despite the app's current lack of gameplay functionality, its presence on the App Store has stirred excitement among gamers and Netflix users alike. The concept of using a smartphone as a virtual game controller to engage in TV gaming experiences aligns with the company's prior statements about expanding beyond mobile gaming.

Netflix's Vice President of External Games, Leanne Loombe, had earlier shared the company's vision of making games "playable on every Netflix device that you have." This perspective, combined with Netflix's efforts to develop and release a multitude of gaming titles, suggests a comprehensive gaming ecosystem that spans both mobile devices and TV screens.

At the moment, the app is exclusively available for iOS devices running iOS 15 or later. While there are no games to play through the app at present, the promise of future integration with TV gaming experiences has ignited anticipation among users eager to explore the next frontier of entertainment offered by Netflix.

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