New AirTV Player Combines Streaming Services and Over-the-Air Content

Published On: January 23, 2017
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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New AirTV Player Combines Streaming Services and Over-the-Air Content

AirTV officially made its debut at CES 2017 with the new AirTV Player. A wholly owned subsidiary of Dish Network, AirTV's goal is to unite popular streaming services with free over-the-air content in one interface. On its own, the AirTV...

New AirTV Player Combines Streaming Services and Over-the-Air Content

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AireTv-player.jpgAirTV officially made its debut at CES 2017 with the new AirTV Player. A wholly owned subsidiary of Dish Network, AirTV's goal is to unite popular streaming services with free over-the-air content in one interface. On its own, the AirTV Player is a streaming media player with apps for Sling TV (another Dish Network property), Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play. Add the optional AirTV Adapter and an over-the-air antenna to tune in free broadcast channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and PBS. The OTA channels will be integrated directly into the Sling TV interface for a more cohesive navigation experience. The AirTV Player costs $99.99 on its own or $129.99 with the AirTV Adapter. Professional installation is available, for those who want help with antenna setup.

From AirTV
AirTV, a brand dedicated to meeting the growing consumer demand for over-the-air (OTA) products and services, has begun offering the AirTV Player, a new 4K Android TV-based streaming device, and AirTV Pro Install, a service that offers expertise, installation and setup of OTA antennas. Both are available to consumers nationwide at

"Americans are rediscovering free local, over-the-air TV for sports, shows and news, particularly given how well OTA complements popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Sling TV and YouTube," said Mitch Weinraub, director of product development for AirTV. "AirTV's new streaming device and antenna installation service again make getting your entertainment as easy as turning on the TV."

Nielsen reports that nearly 14 million households in America watch over-the-air TV, and that market has grown 24 percent over the past four years.

AirTV is dedicated to integrating OTA technology into the entertainment experience, making it simple and accessible to consumers. Local broadcast stations transmit high-definition (HD) channels for free, and consumers can tune in to those OTA channels using an antenna. OTA channels are available across the country, and consumers in many markets can receive dozens of local channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

AirTV Player
Available now at, the AirTV Player streaming device combines some of the fastest growing segments of the television ecosystem: streaming video platforms and live, over-the-air signals when used with the AirTV Adapter (sold separately) and an OTA antenna (sold separately).

"AirTV Player simplifies what has been a fragmented viewing experience and integrates a customer's entertainment options in one easy-to-navigate app," said Weinraub. "AirTV Player is a versatile platform that unites live, local over-the-air channels, Netflix, Sling TV, YouTube and the Google Play Store with the click of a button."

How AirTV Player Works
The AirTV Player, built on the Android TV operating system, is a streaming device that, at launch, can integrate Netflix, Sling TV, YouTube and thousands of options in the Google Play Store with free local OTA channels (OTA channel integration requires an AirTV adapter and an OTA antenna, both sold separately). Internet access is required for streaming platforms, and the AirTV Player is Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatible. The AirTV Player connects to a TV via HDMI.

"AirTV Player connects consumers to some of the most popular streaming platforms now, and we're interested in adding even more choices in the future," said Weinraub. "With a custom-built smart remote that controls the AirTV Player, your TV and your sound system, as well as dedicated buttons for Netflix and Sling TV, customers can focus on watching the best content, rather than juggling remote controls."

AirTV Player includes a number of unique features:
• Pre-loaded apps - The AirTV Player includes Netflix, Sling TV and YouTube pre-installed for easy access to popular streaming content. A Sling TV account and Netflix membership are required to access those apps.
• Google Play Store - Built on Android TV, the AirTV Player provides access to thousands of shows, movies, apps and games through the Google Play Store. A Google account is required to use the Google Play Store.
• Netflix integration - With the click of a button, a user can launch directly into their selected Netflix content within the Netflix app. Users without a Netflix subscription will have a row of curated suggestions of TV shows and movies along with the ability to sign up and start watching.
• 4K compatible - The AirTV Player can play 4K content, available on Netflix and other apps in the Google Play Store.
• Wi-Fi compatible - The AirTV Player connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) networks that use the 802.11ac / n/ a / b / g standard.
• Bluetooth voice remote - The AirTV remote controls the AirTV Player via Bluetooth and provides access to popular apps, including dedicated buttons for Sling TV, Netflix and Google. The remote features voice capabilities and can control power and volume on any connected TV or sound system utilizing infrared. AirTV Player can automatically detect a connected TV or sounds system using HDMI CEC, or the user can enter the information manually.

AirTV-adapter.jpgAirTV Adapter
When an OTA antenna (sold separately) is connected to the AirTV Player via the USB AirTV Adapter (sold separately), access to local OTA channels is integrated into the Sling TV channel guide. Viewers can watch the OTA channels on the TV connected to the AirTV Player via HDMI and seamlessly switch between OTA channels and Sling TV content without changing TV inputs.

Pricing and Availability
Available at, AirTV Player with the optional OTA AirTV Adapter is available for $129.99. AirTV Player for streaming only is available for $99.99. A standalone AirTV Adapter is available for $39.99 if a consumer chooses to add OTA integration at a later date.

Purchase of the AirTV Player includes a $50 Sling TV credit, available to new and existing Sling TV users.

AirTV Pro Install
A nationwide network of licensed and insured AirTV Pro Install technicians will identify and set up the best available indoor or outdoor antenna solution, based on a customer's location. The professional installation service is available to all consumers at, with or without the purchase of an AirTV Player.

"There is an art to identifying the best antenna and positioning to get free HD TV channels in your home," said Weinraub. "For those times when it becomes more than a do-it-yourself project, AirTV Pro Install delivers expertise to your door, including a skilled technician armed with a ladder, tools and the know-how to make it simple for you."

Standard one-room antenna installation, including the antenna, is available starting at $99.99 for an indoor antenna or $149.99 for an outdoor antenna. Most appointments can be fulfilled on a next-day basis, and installation is available in 48 markets at launch. Broadcast station availability is dependent on geographic location, topography, and antenna specifications.

"We have identified, evaluated and tested indoor and outdoor OTA antennas to choose two trusted solutions for our customers," said Weinraub. "They are well-designed for effectiveness, aesthetics and affordability, and we'll help determine if they are a good choice for our customers."

AirTV Pro Install service utilizes Winegard FlatWave Amped indoor antennas and Televes DigiNova BOSS outdoor antennas.

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