Published On: June 2, 2009

New Avielo Kroma LED Front Projector Promises Better Color, Longer Life and More Green Operation

Published On: June 2, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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New Avielo Kroma LED Front Projector Promises Better Color, Longer Life and More Green Operation

High end video company Avielo is out with a new high performance LED front video projector called the Kroma. LED projectors have gained critical acclaim for their color fidelity as well as their very long bulb life.

New Avielo Kroma LED Front Projector Promises Better Color, Longer Life and More Green Operation

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The avielo kroma by projectiondesign is one of the first LED front High Definition projectors to come to market. The projector promises better color fidelity, longer bulb life and a more energy efficient operation thanks to its implementation of`ReaLED• technology - based on solid state LED illumination.

Joe Manning, International Market Manager, Home Theater for avielo by projectiondesign, explains: "From an image quality point of view, our ReaLED technology gives us an incredible contrast ratio and an image with a color spectrum purer than any other technology. Additionally, absence of some of the effects traditionally seen with other projectors produces a picture that is better than anything we've seen before. The kroma produces outstanding imagery."

Technically, the kroma's ReaLED light source reportedly provides a wider and more consistent color gamut, with richer and better color rendition than any competing illumination technology. At the same time, it is said to stay consistent over its entire lifetime, expected at a typical 100,000 hours, for a long, and service free life of imaging.

In the spirit of green technology, not only does it use less power than many traditional front video projectors, but it is also free from hazardous materials. Where traditional projector lamps contain mercury that must be carefully disposed of, the kroma's ReaLED technology is free from any such environmental shortcomings.

"We are delighted at being able to bring kroma to market at a time when the environmental footprint of all home AV equipment are coming under scrutiny," concludes Manning. "We are confident that our avielo brand has another winner in kroma, which is a smart and responsible addition to our existing, conventionally lamped DLP® home theater projectors."

No price was stated for the Avielo Kroma nor was a release date announced for the projector.

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