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TAD-D1000_Front_300dpi_5in.jpgTAD (Technical Audio Devices Laboritories, Inc.) is releasing two new products aimed at the audiophile crowd. The first, the TAD-D1000 disc player is a CD/SACD player mounted in an 8mm thick aluminum chassis designed to eliminate external vibrations. The second, the TAD-DA1000 D/A converter has the ability to support up to 384 kHz/32 bit sample rates, outdoing many other DACs out there.

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Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. today officially announced in the U.S. the TAD-D1000 disc player and TAD-DA1000 D/A converter, two new offerings designed to support the latest digital audio technologies and faithfully reproduce sound sources to the absolute limits. Equipped with a proprietary ultra-high C/N1 master clock UPCG2 and extensive digital input terminals, playback of all digital audio media are maintained with extreme accuracy. Through their built-in USB ports, both models offer playback of 384 kHz/32 bit PCM data or 5.6 MHz DSD data. In addition, the TAD-DA1000 D/A converter also includes a volume function for creating a simple audio system with a direct connection to a power amplifier.

"And of course, as with all TAD products, build quality and performance are unparalleled."

"Both of the TAD models are extremely versatile, allowing them to be integrated into virtually any existing system," said Andrew Jones, director and chief engineer for Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. "And of course, as with all TAD products, build quality and performance are unparalleled."

Precise Clock and Circuit

The two new models each start with a highly accurate master clock similar to that used in the flagship TAD D600 disc player. The newly developed C/N Master Clock UPCG is incorporated into both units to obtain the highest reproduction quality. The master clock is complemented with dual differential independent Burr-Brown PCM1794A DACs for left and right channels to achieve exceptional accuracy in conversion and a high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio.

In addition, a proprietary discrete IV conversion circuit is utilized to reduce residual noise effectively even at the highest sample rates and also provide a high slew rate, resulting in music with excellent transient response with high definition and impact.

Proprietary Asynchronous USB Transmission Engine

To handle a variety of high resolution formats, both models feature five digital inputs (USB, XLR, optical, and 2 x coaxial). The USB Audio Class 2.0-compatible USB port is equipped with a specially developed asynchronous USB transmission engine capable of handling PCM audio data of up to 384 kHz/32 bit, and DSD audio data up to 5.6 MHz. As received digital signals are read out with the high-purity clock, the digital signal boasts incredibly high precision and reduced jitter.

Aluminum Chassis and Structure

For an unmatched modern and stylish look combined with the best feel and advanced functionality, both TAD models are constructed of an eight millimeter thick pure aluminum chassis and a structure with a low center of gravity that places heavier components in the lower portion to minimize the effects of external vibrations. For precise disc rotation and highest operational stability, the TAD-D1000 SACD/CD player utilizes a TAD custom built machined aluminum disc tray and low-noise brushless DC servo that is firmly mounted to the chassis.

Toroidal Power Supply

Both units are integrated with a proprietary high-output, large-sized toroidal power supply to ensure extremely fast response and exceptional audio output even at high volume levels.

TAD-DA1000 Volume Function

The TAD-DA1000 is equipped with a line output volume function for simple high sound quality setup and direct connection to an external power amplifier. In addition, the unit also offers a headphone amplifier with a dedicated independent volume control and can be used directly with headphones with impedances ranging from eight to 600 Ohms.

The TAD-D1000 disc player and TAD-DA1000 D/A converter are currently available for purchase. For further information, please contact an authorized TAD distributor or retailer or visit


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