Published On: November 16, 2008

New "Invisible" Stereo Speaker From Stealth Accoustics

Published On: November 16, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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New "Invisible" Stereo Speaker From Stealth Accoustics

For people in non-critical listening situations - Stealth Acoustics is out with an in-wall speaker system designed to be installed behind a thin coat of "mud" so the speaker looks just like your drywall.

New "Invisible" Stereo Speaker From Stealth Accoustics

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stealth-invisible-speaker.JPGStealth Acoustics announced the immediate availability of its new model STX8 dual channel invisible speaker for home or commercial background and foreground music applications.

The Stealth model STX8 is a full range stereo speaker system utilizing a flat front panel that fits into a standard 3.5" deep stud wall and attaches directly to standard structural framing without the need for special mounting brackets. The paintable active diaphragm radiating speaker surface is energized by 2 discreet neodymium high frequency motors coupled to carbon fiber plates and by a dual voice coil woofer. The STX8 flat front panel face mates with 1" or 5/8" wallboard and is suitable for receiving most standard wall or ceiling finishes including latex paint, light texture or wallpaper, becoming completely invisible after finishing.
"Our dealers and customers asked for a stereo invisible speaker for locations like lobbies, hallways, bathrooms or other areas where quality stereo sound was a requirement, but space and cost limitations may have prevented installing two speakers" said Paul Hagman, president of Stealth Acoustics. "We've taken the best of our proven technologies of direct coupled high frequency motors and acoustic lever bass transmission and incorporated them into a unique, high quality, dual channel flat panel invisible speaker".
The STX8's provides two fully isolated audio channels and utilizes individual heavy duty crossovers and protection circuits for each channel. The high power dual voice coil 8" woofer delivers low frequency response down to 45Hz, when properly loaded into a standard stud wall and high frequency extension to 20 kHz.
The Stealth Acoustics model STX8 is available through Stealth's network of system integrators and value added resellers. Manufacturers suggested price is $550.00.

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