New Super-Slim CSS230 In-Wall Speaker From Monitor Audio

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Monitor-CSS230.jpgMonitor Audio has introduced a new in-wall/in-ceiling speaker called the CSS230, which has a back box that measures just two inches deep. The speaker combines a 0.75-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter with a trio of three-inch C-CAM bass/midrange drivers, and the hybrid back box includes a rubber plug that you can remove if you'd prefer a ported speaker design. Round and square grilles are available that can be magnetically attached and painted to match your decor. The CSS230 carries an MSRP of $375 each.

From Monitor Audio
Space, they say, is the final frontier, especially in the real world where the lack of it can be a real challenge to custom installers. Now there's an answer to a perennial headache in the high-performance form of Monitor Audio's new super-slim CSS230 in-wall/ceiling speaker.

The CSS230 is an innovative back-box design with an impressively shallow 2" (50mm) mounting depth, custom built to offer hi-fi levels of performance in spaces where no high quality speaker has gone before. Between 2" stud frames or where pipework or cabling reduces mounting depth, the CSS230's hybrid back-box construction and proprietary full-range driver array combine to deliver consistent audio quality with exceptional installation versatility.

Control Built-In
As Monitor Audio's long established and acclaimed Controlled Performance (CP) range of architectural speakers demonstrates, back-box designs enclose a specified air volume/driver relationship in order to generate high quality audio (especially bass) and reduce inter-room/floor transmission where mounting depth will allow. Alternative open backed (box-less) designs are more flexible to install, but their bass is far less defined.

The CSS230's hybrid back-box provides the best of all worlds for installer and customer. By integrating a slender 2" back-box with a radial array of specialized C-CAM mid-bass drivers around a 0.75" (19mm) C-CAM gold dome tweeter, the CSS230 offers full-range audio accuracy from the tightest of stud clearances; but with the removal of a rubber plug in the back box, it reproduces the bass of a ported design, superior in quality to the output of open-backed speakers and just as flexible to install. Combined, the CSS230's three proprietary 3" mid-bass units achieve the bass output of a 6.5" driver, all from a super-stealthy flush-fitted profile.

Hi-Fi Design Quality
In keeping with Monitor Audio's renowned design rigour, the CSS230's crossover comprises high quality film capacitors and low loss inductors--selected for signal integrity--ensuring peerless audio detail and dynamics from a speaker of its size and application. When the CSS230 is in 'ported' mode, a fine gauze protects the acoustic system from dust ingress.

Fits Where Rivals Fail
Monitor Audio's patented 'tri-grip' mounting system provides reliable and robust installation flush with ceiling or wall. Conveniently the CSS230 has the same mounting diameter as our other 6.5" CT products, allowing the existing pre-construction bracket (CB6 -purple) to be used at the planning stage. For the most discreet aesthetic possible, a trimless grille is supplied (a square grille option matching light fixtures is also available), which attaches magnetically to facilitate easy installation and servicing. The grilles (with replacement scrim included) are paintable to achieve a seamless standard of décor integration.

CSS230 Features & Benefits
• Super-slim mounting depth 2" (50mm) designed to fit within 2" stud walls or where space is restricted.
• Hybrid CP 'Controlled performance' style, enclosed or open back box option provides flexible high performance options and sound isolation in one.
• Driver configuration of three 3" C-CAM bass/midrange drivers in a radial array around a 0.75" (19mm) C-CAM gold dome tweeter (fixed position) and high quality crossover design offers Monitor Audio's award-winning signature sound quality.
• Gold plated sprung push terminals are reliable and easy to connect.
• Magnetically attached 'Trimless' round and square grille options for discreet, reliable and easy servicing, flexible in-wall/ceiling installation, paintable to blend with décor.
• Patented Tri-Grip Dog leg fixings - Reliable, robust and quick to install.
• Existing pre-construction bracket for easier system design and planning.

MSRP: $375 each

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