Published On: May 13, 2024

New TCL Q Class and S Class TVs and Soundbars Hit The Market

Published On: May 13, 2024
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New TCL Q Class and S Class TVs and Soundbars Hit The Market

TCL has launched an expanded lineup of TCL Q Class and S Class TVs, offering consumers an array of new features and enhanced viewing experiences.

New TCL Q Class and S Class TVs and Soundbars Hit The Market

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TCL has introduced a groundbreaking expansion to its television portfolio, unveiling the latest additions to its TCL Q Class and S Class TV and soundbar lineup. The new expanded lineup, promises to redefine the home theater experience with cutting-edge technology and a diverse range of sizes catering to every need.

These new TVs boast an array of features aimed at enhancing the viewing experience, from stunning picture quality to immersive audio capabilities. TCL's Q Class Smart TVs have been revamped to deliver outstanding home theater performance, with Quantum Dot technology at the forefront. 

The TCL Q Class TVs offer UltraWide Color Gamut for vibrant, true-to-life colors, ensuring a visually captivating experience for viewers. The introduction of three new 98-inch models further expands TCL's offerings, catering to those seeking a truly cinematic experience in the comfort of their homes.

“There’s a reason TCL has been a top two best-selling TV brand in the U.S. year after year and that is undoubtedly because we deliver premium products with more benefits to the consumer at prices more of them can afford,” said Chris Hamdorf, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TCL. 

“As we invest further into improving features that we’ve pioneered and immersive ultra large screens that push the boundaries of ‘cinema at home,’ we are educating users along the way. We want everyone to know how simple it is to achieve that cinematic magic through our innovation and manufacturing advantages as a vertically integrated company.”

TCL Q Class 65Q681G QLED TV.

One of the highlights of the Q Class series is the incorporation of advanced AiPQ Processing, now available across all levels, including the S Class lineup for the first time. This ensures pristine picture quality for all 4K UHD content, with features like AI Color, AI Contrast, AI Clarity, and AI Motion enhancing every frame.

TCL's QM7 series features high-zone QD-Mini LED technology. With up to 1,500+ precisely controlled dimming zones and a High Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight, these TVs offer exceptional contrast and brightness for stunning picture quality. Equipped with HDR ULTRA with Dolby Vision IQ and powered by the TCL AiPQ PRO Processor, the QM7 series ensures that every frame is optimized to perfection, whether it's streaming the latest blockbuster or engaging in intense gaming sessions.

Building upon the features of the QM7 series, the QM8 stands out with its premium Mini LED technology, offering up to 5,000+ dimming zones for unparalleled contrast and brightness. Paired with TCL's powerful AiPQ PRO Processor, the QM8 sets a new standard for premium Mini LED performance, delivering stunning imagery that truly immerses viewers in their favorite content.

Angled view of the TCL Q Class Q65 Smart TV.

The TCL Q Class Q65 is now available in a 43” model (43Q651G) at $499.99, 50” model (50Q651G) at $549.99, 55” model (55Q651G) at $599.99, 65” model (65Q651G) at $749.99, 75” model (75Q651G) for $1099.99, 85” model (85Q651G) for $1599.99, and 98” model (98Q651G) at $3999.99.

TCL Q Class Q68 is now available in a 55” model (55Q681G) at $699.99, 65” model (65Q681G) at $899.99, 75” model (75Q681G) for $1199.99, and an 85” model (85Q681G) for $1999.99.

TCL’s QM7 is now available in a 55” model (55QM751G) at $1099.99, 65” model (65QM751G) at $1499.99, 75” model (75QM751G) for $1999.99, 85” model (85QM751G) for $2699.99, and 98” model (98QM751G) at $6999.99.

The QM8 is now available in a 65” model (65QM851G) at $1999.99, 75” model (75QM851G) for $2699.99, 85” model (85QM851G) for $3999.99, and a 98” model (98QM851G) for $7999.99.

For consumers seeking a more accessible option without compromising on quality, TCL's S Class Smart TVs offer a compelling choice. The S5 model, in particular, comes equipped with advanced features such as HDR PRO+ with Dolby Vision and HDR10+, enhancing brightness and color accuracy for a more lifelike viewing experience. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of Game Accelerator 120, catering to smoother gameplay and reduced motion blur.

TCL S Class S5 4k UHD TV.

TCL S Class S5 is available now in sizes ranging from 43” up to 85” models starting at $349.99

“TCL continues to offer the best possible combination of quality, technology, and value, but for 2024, we are truly raising the bar in TV,” said Scott Ramirez, Vice President of Product Marketing & Development, TCL. 

“With three levels of advanced TCL AiPQ Processing, including a unique position in S Class, new industry leading QD-Mini LED technology that is a must-see, the world’s largest 115” QD-Mini LED TV, and a long list of other 2024 technology firsts, TCL is clearly the one to watch in 2024.” 

In addition to technological advancements, TCL has also focused on design aesthetics and user experience. The FullView 360 Thin Metal Bezel-less Design lends a modern and sleek look to the TVs, while features like Voice Remote and Built-in Google Assistant offer added convenience and functionality.

Availability of the new models spans across various sizes, ensuring there's a TCL TV to suit every living space and preference. From the compact 43-inch options to the colossal 115-inch behemoth, consumers have a wide range of choices to tailor their home entertainment setup according to their needs.

TCL Q85H Soundbar.

Complementing its TV lineup, TCL has expanded its sound bar offerings with Dolby Atmos technology, promising a higher level of immersion and audio quality. The Q Class sound bars, including the Q75H and Q85H models, deliver powerful performance with built-in side surround speakers and up-firing Atmos speakers, creating an enveloping home theater experience.

On the other hand, the S Class sound bars, such as the S45H and S55H, offer a simplified yet immersive audio solution, enhanced with Dolby Atmos and Auto Room Calibration. With features like DTS Virtual:X Virtual 3D Surround and HDMI with eARC, consumers can enjoy rich, room-filling sound without the complexity.

For those eager to elevate their home entertainment setup, TCL's new lineup is now available at leading retailers, including Amazon.

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