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Your home theater system is one heck of an investment worthy of protection. One of the most fierce foes of today's modern home theater is AC power maladies. Power surges, brown outs, voltage dips or spikes all can cook your pricey AV gear. For audiophile and home theater enthusiasts - getting pure power coming into their AV systems is not just a luxury its a necessity. These consumers look to products like battery backup and UPS systems to feed their systems perfect power. To keep up on all of the trends on the world of home theater and audiophile AC power products - read below. To read reviews of top performing home theater and AC power products from the best known brands like APS, Pure Power, Richard Grays' Power Company, PS Audio, Equi=Tech and many others - read this review archive page.

  • Amazon Prime Day Deals on Audiophile Power Cords

    Whether you need a longer or a better-looking power cord, there's deals to be had...

  • Cyrus Audio Launches Six New Products with XR Series

    The new Cyrus Audio XR series includes two new integrated amps with DACs, a new preamp, two new CD players, and a new external power supply

  • iFi's Classic DAC/Headphone Amplifier Gets a Facelift

    The micro iDSD Signature has a new 4.4mm Pentaconn output, supports 768kHz/32-bit PCM and MQA, and is powered by a Burr-Brown DAC chip

  • WiSA Association Announces SoundSend Audio Transmitter

    The HDMI-compatible audio transmitter wirelessly connects to WiSA Certified speakers and can transmit up to eight audio channels at 96kHz/24-bit resolution.

  • SurgeX Keeps the Lights On and Your Power Clean

    The company's new UPS Solutions with Built-In Isolation Transformers promise to be rack-mountable, whisper-quiet, and built for long-term reliability

  • PS Audio Launches Full Line of AC Power Regenerators

    Clean AC power is one of the most underrated elements of a high performance audio system especially more advanced setups. The power from many of our transformers is anything...

  • Transparent Debuts RPI Power Conditioner

    Transparent has added a new model to its line of power conditioners. Employing many of the same design philosophies as the flagship OPUS PowerIsolator (OPI), the new REFERENCE PowerIsolator...

  • Transparent Audio Introduces Flagship OPI Power Conditioner

    Transparent Audio has announced the introduction of its flagship power conditioner, the OPUS PowerIsolator (OPI). The OPI, which features two high-current, grounded, surge-protected outlets and a detachable two-meter OPUS...

  • Richard Gray's Power Company Adds IP-Addressable Power Management Solutions

    The Richard Gray Power Company has introduced a new power product that offers a whole new level of control and is a first for the company. This new product...

  • Nordost Introduces New Red Dawn Power Cord

    Nordost is shipping the newest addition to the company's power cord offerings. The Red Dawn power cord promises many feats of engineering that will enhance your systems performance.

  • Panamax Now Shipping First MR Series Power Management Solution: the MR4000

    Panamax has created a first for the company with the MR Series of power products, and the first product in the series is the MR4000. The MR4000 claims...

  • Audience Introduces New S Filter Upgrade for Power Conditioners

    Audience has found a new way to improve the company's power conditioners to deliver better sonic performance. The installation is simple and can be applied to new units...

  • Furman Signs Distribution Agreement With Invision UK

    God bless the queen. God bless Kate. God bless Pippa. Home theater and pro audio company, Furman has signed on with Invision UK to offer distribution to Furman's AC...

  • SurgeX's New Eliminator Series Promises To Eliminate Electrical Surges

    SurgeX is out with a new product designed to keep your home theater and audiophile system from being rocked by an electrical power surge. The SurgeX XU115 is a...

  • Red Wine Audio Unveils Black Lightning High-current Battery Power Supplies

    Black Lightening sounds bad ass for an audiophile products and being bad ass is a big part of what being an audiophile is all about. Red Wine Audio is...

  • PurePower Introduces 2000 Watt AC Regenerator For High End AV Systems

    Many critics consider the Pure Power products to be the best in the business. Able to convert AC power from the wall into a perfect sine wave - the...

  • Maxell Unveils Consumer Battery Lineup

    The Energizer Bunny is running scared because Maxell is back with a new line of batteries designed for today's top consumer electronics products as well as many other applications....

  • Energy Efficiency Programs Can Realistically Reduce Growth in Electricity Consumption by 22%, According to EPRI

    According to the EPRI, energy efficiency programs in the United States could be implemented to to reduce consumption of electricity by 22 percent if certain barriers can be overcome.

  • Panamax's New MB850 Compact, Lightweight UPS Battery Back-Up

    What do you do when your projector loses power meaning the fan can cool the super heated bulb? Pray. Hope. Curse? I recommend using a battery backup. Panamax has...

  • Richard Gray's Power Company Powerlink 3G

    So you are a fanboy for Richard Gray's Power Company but your clients/friends demand that you hide the technology? No problem. Introducing the Richard Gray's Power Company PowerLink 3G.

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