Published On: August 10, 2023

NextLevel Acoustics Launches Cinema In/On-Wall LCR Speakers

Published On: August 10, 2023
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NextLevel Acoustics Launches Cinema In/On-Wall LCR Speakers

Expanding its home theater lineup, NLA introduces the innovative Cinema Series In-/On-Wall LCR speakers

NextLevel Acoustics Launches Cinema In/On-Wall LCR Speakers

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In a move that could signal a disruptive shift in the custom loudspeaker category, NextLevel Acoustics, a US-based manufacturer known for its pioneering soundbar solutions, has announced the launch of its Cinema Series In-/On-Wall LCR Speakers. 

The Cinema Series introduces two distinct models: the Reference Cinema and the larger Cinema Pro. These models mark NextLevel Acoustics' foray into a new realm of sound reproduction that could challenge conventional notions of speaker price, performance, and size.

Behind the scenes, the Cinema Reference and Pro Series speakers are the brainchild of NextLevel's Chief Designer/Engineer John Sollecito. With a rich history in audiophile designs, Sollecito has lent his expertise to crafting speakers that deliver on both sonic excellence and technical innovation.

The Reference Cinema model, priced at $2,499 each, boasts a unique MTM (midrange tweeter midrange) speaker array that combines dual 8-inch carbon wool mid-woofers with a butyl rubber surround and a sizable 4×4-inch compression horn tweeter. This particular design should result in a dynamic sound profile that offers both impact and clarity, making it an enticing option for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

For those seeking an even more robust audio solution, the Cinema Pro model steps up the game. Priced at $4,999 each, the Pro version features four 8-inch carbon wool mid-woofers paired with the same 4×4-inch compression horn tweeter. This configuration should ensure an immersive sound experience that can easily fill larger room environments.

NextLevel Acoustics Reference Cinema model in/on wall.

One of the most standout aspects of the Cinema Series should be its efficiency. With a high sensitivity rating of up to 99 dB, these speakers should be capable of producing impressive sound pressure levels with minimal distortion, all while requiring less power.

A proprietary audiophile-grade crossover should further enhance the seamless integration of the mid/woofers and horn tweeter, and result in a harmonious sound output that remains true to the original audio source. Notably, this crossover design also addresses the challenge of first-order horn reflection artifacts and should provide a smooth and consistent sound profile.

Installation flexibility is another hallmark of the Cinema Series. The speakers can be mounted flush in-wall, on-wall, or partially recessed in-wall, offering versatility in adapting to different room setups. A magnetic grille frame option allows for customizable aesthetics, enabling the speakers to blend seamlessly with any interior decor.

Additionally, the Cinema Series speakers are designed to complement other speaker options from NLA, facilitating voice matching and creating a coherent sound field that is ideal for immersive movies or spatial music. With the Reference Cinema and Pro Cinema models, NLA could redefine the possibilities of in/on-wall LCR speakers, raising the bar for performance, aesthetics, and price point.

NLA co-owner Lee Webber said: “Since 2015 we have been building to order from our Connecticut facility operating with a lean business model that helps keep overhead low and makes us extremely responsive. Many know us for our custom soundbars, especially the Fusion Frame Slim, the world’s 1st and thinnest high-performance customizable soundbar for Samsung Frame TVs. 

We applied a similar no-compromise approach to the Cinema Series. The result is a home theater experience untouchable without spending two or three times the money on the speakers. Even more shocking is that all of this is achievable from a compact speaker capable of being concealed inside the wall. True to our name, the Cinema Series take theaters to the next level.”

The Reference Cinema model is priced at $2,499 each, while the larger Pro Cinema variant carries a price tag of $4,999 each. These speakers can be obtained through authorized dealers and installers.

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