Published On: April 5, 2024

NextLevel Acoustics Unveils Unlimited Color Choices for Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits

Published On: April 5, 2024
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NextLevel Acoustics Unveils Unlimited Color Choices for Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits

Catering to the discerning tastes of consumers, NextLevel Acoustics unveils an unprecedented level of customization for Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits with its new unlimited color options.

NextLevel Acoustics Unveils Unlimited Color Choices for Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits

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NextLevel Acoustics, a prominent US manufacturer known for its innovative soundbar solutions, has announced a new offering that brings unprecedented customization to owners of Samsung The Frame TVs. The company is introducing a custom conversion service that allows users to transform their Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits into virtually any desired color.

This latest offering from NextLevel Acoustics allows consumers to transform their Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits into bespoke pieces that seamlessly blend with their home decor. With a choice of hundreds of Benjamin Moore paint colors in Matte or Flat finish, customers can create personalized frames for their Samsung The Frame TVs, ensuring a perfect match with their interior design scheme.

Custom color Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits.

Lee Weber, a spokesperson for NextLevel Acoustics, highlighted the company's commitment to innovation, stating: “As an industry leading US custom speaker manufacturer, we were the first to create a truly unique and custom soundbar solution for the Samsung The Frame TV. As pioneers in this space, we felt it necessary to continue along that path with an exciting new service offering for the Custom Installer and Design community."

The custom conversion service is available for purchase either as a standalone product or in combination with NextLevel Acoustics' Fusion Frame or Fusion Frame Slim soundbars. These soundbars are designed to complement the aesthetics of Samsung "The Frame" series displays while delivering exceptional sound quality.

The Fusion Frame, with its slim profile of only 1.75 inches, offers immersive sound reproduction and blends seamlessly with the Samsung "The Frame" TV. Customers can match the color of the Fusion Frame soundbar to their custom Frame Kits for a fully integrated look. Additionally, the Fusion Frame is available in various configurations, including LCR, Stereo, or dedicated Center Channel setups, and offers a choice of designer grille fabrics.

NextLevel Acoustics Fusion Frame

For those with ultra-thin Samsung "The Frame" series displays from 2021 onwards, the Fusion Frame Slim is the ideal audio solution. With an exposed on-wall depth of just 1.25 inches, this soundbar maintains the sleek aesthetics of the Frame TV while delivering impressive audio performance. Like its counterpart, the Fusion Frame Slim can be customized to match the color of the Frame Kit and is available in different configurations and grille fabric options.

NextLevel Acoustics' latest offering caters not only to tech enthusiasts but also to interior design aficionados seeking a harmonious integration of technology and aesthetics in their living spaces.

The unlimited color options for Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits provide consumers with the freedom to personalize their entertainment setup to reflect their unique style and preferences. 

NextLevel Acoustics Fusion Frame Slim.

Both Samsung The Frame TV and Next Level Acoustics Fusion Soundbar System are available for purchase at Dreamedia.

For more information about Samsung The Frame TV Bezel Kits or on purchasing or dealership inquiries, interested parties can contact NextLevel Acoustics via email at [email protected] or by phone at 617-237-2875.

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