Published On: November 2, 2010

NHT Delivers Two New Compact Subwoofers

Published On: November 2, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NHT Delivers Two New Compact Subwoofers

NHT has completed its shift to acoustic suspension design with the introduction of two new Class D high powered subwoofers which employ a Bash design and on board digital sound processing (DSP). The new models are the NHT B-10d and B-12d and have compact footprints of 12.5" and 14" respectively.

NHT Delivers Two New Compact Subwoofers

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NHT is preparing to ship two new compact, high power subwoofers that complete the brand's shift to acoustic suspension design exclusively. The amplifiers feature a new Class D, Bash design that employ on board digital sound processing (DSP).

Both the new NHT B-10d and B-12d feature compact footprints of 12.5" and 14" respectively. The new subwoofers feature a set of controls and an I/O for both 2-channel and home theater applications.

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The B-10d and B-12d amplifiers are a hybrid, Class D design with a new DSP engine that controls all equalization, low pass and high pass filter functions, compressor, and limiter. Also featured on both models is a Dynamic Range Control (DRC) feature that controls the amplifier current at all impedances.

The low frequency cut off is 32Hz for the B-10d and 28Hz for the B-12d. The B-10d offers both high and low level inputs and high level outputs plus an LFE in that bypasses the built in crossover. The B12d loses the high level in and out, but adds an LFE out for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers and NHT's proprietary Boundary Control that allows users to "move" the subwoofer to where it sounds best without having to physically move the actual unit. An automatic power mode acts as a trigger whenever the system is powered up.

Beginning in late October the new B-10d and B-12d will be available at suggested retail prices of $499 and $699, respectively, via NHT's web site as well as select online and brick & mortar dealers.

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