Published On: June 26, 2009

NHT To Relaunch As An Internet-Direct Speaker Company

Published On: June 26, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NHT To Relaunch As An Internet-Direct Speaker Company

After a long absence, NHT (now hear this), is reportedly relaunching as an Internet-direct speaker company. The company, after multiple owners is now being controlled by its founders but will face still competition from the likes of Orb Audio, Aperion Audio, Outlaw Audio, Emotiva and many others already powerful in this market.

NHT To Relaunch As An Internet-Direct Speaker Company

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Now Hear This or NHT as they are known in the specially AV business announced yesterday that they were returning to the business after a few months in hibernation. Their new business model will sell speakers online, leaving the ultra-competitive world of traditional retail distribution for the more profitable yet smaller customer base of selling direct. NHT will follow in the footsteps of Internet-direct speaker companies like Orb Audio, Aperion Audio, Emotiva, Outlaw Audio and many others.

NHT is currently owned by the original founders Chris Byrne and John Johnsen.

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NHT_SuperZero2_Super_8_sub.gifThe new NHT will reduce their prices by a reported 30 percent which will make their products even more competitive in today's value-conscious market without sacrificing any quality. NHT also alleges their new model will be more green as the carbon needed to ship speakers from the factory to the rep to the store to the consumers is now a much more streamlined model with the rep and the dealer out of the middle of the transaction.

NHT's move to go Internet-direct comes as

Circuit City

is making a similar move and traditional retailers fight to figure out their future.

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