Published On: October 1, 2008


Published On: October 1, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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The ZR-6 Multizone Receiver, with its related keypad interfaces, is now being made available by the Niles Audio Corporation. The ZR-6 is designed for home automation systems, featuring six sources and the ability to interact with iPod plug and play devices.


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Niles Audio Corporation has announced that the company is now shipping the ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver and related keypad interfaces. The ZR-6 is a six-source, six-zone whole-house audio receiver outfitted with features including One-Touch to EntertainmentTM automation, plug-and-play iPod® integration and a built-in AM/FM tuner. The ZR-6 offers an array of control solutions, from a simple single-gang keypad to a color touchscreen controller. For convenient and simplified control of menu-based devices, the ZR-6 distributes and displays metadata from the iPod as well as favorites and "now playing" information for the built-in AM/FM tuner. The weather-resistant construction of Niles keypads offers new installation opportunities by enabling placement in "wet" locations such showers and spas or outdoors on patios.

"The ZR-6 builds on the success of our popular ZR-4630 (aka Gloria) but adds many new features including plug-and-play iPod integration, weather-resistant keypads and the ability to display metadata from today's menu-based sources," said Frank Sterns, president of Niles Audio. "The ZR-6 hits the 'sweet spot' of the market by offering highly desirable features with Niles' fit, finish and quality at an affordable price point," Sterns added.

Ideal for any installation, the ZR-6 can be used as a simple, single-box distributed audio solution or as the cornerstone of a higher-end system. The ZR-6 independently distributes up to six audio sources to as many as six zones (expandable to 18) for high-quality entertainment throughout a residential or light commercial installation. In addition to a built-in AM/FM tuner that works right out of the box, the ZR-6's Made For iPod plug-and-play capabilities allow custom installers to integrate their customers' iPods with no additional programming. For installations desiring integrated whole-house video distribution, the ZR-6 auto-configures with the Niles VS-6 High Definition Video Switcher to enable simultaneous video distribution of sources to each zone. Adding to its ease-of-use, the ZR-6 simplifies the installation process thanks to an intuitive, on-board "wizard" that steps the installer through the configuration process, eliminating the need for computer programming.

The ZR-6's array of control options include the TS-PRO, a color touchscreen controller that provides system operation; the Solo® -6MD, a single-gang keypad equipped with a large easy-to-read LCD display; the Solo-6IR, a simple single-gang keypad; and the NumericTM-6P, which works in conjunction with the Solo-6IR to provide direct access to sources. The R-8L Learning Remote Control, included with the ZR-6 and also available as an additional accessory for outfitting zones, provides advanced control for all sources as well as a local TV and associated cable/satellite receiver. It comes preloaded with commands for the ZR-6 as well as codes for many popular brands of equipment and has the ability learn unique codes.

The ZR-6 provides a digital power amplifier delivering 50 watts per zone, and features preamplifier outputs for adding more power for outdoor applications and over-sized areas. The ZR-6 is 4-ohm stable, which enables it to drive up to four 8-ohm speakers in each zone.

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Additional features include independent source level, volume turn-on, bass, treble and variable loudness controls for each zone, allowing users to optimize sound quality for the zone and match the acoustics from one zone to another. Featuring, "true" system-wide paging, the ZR-6 allows pre-selected zones to turn on automatically, or if on, mute the audio, and play telephone system paging and doorbell chimes through the zones' loudspeakers. When finished the zones automatically return to their previous state.

Now shipping to authorized Niles dealers and distributors, the ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver has an MSRP of $1,995.00 and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Talking Points

• The Niles ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver is now shipping
• The ZR-6 is a six-source, six-zone whole house audio receiver, outfitted with features including One-Touch to Entertainment automation, plug-and-play iPod integration and a built-in AM/FM tuner 
• The ZR-6 distributes and displays metadata, which is required for easy operation of menu-based sources such as an iPod
• The ZR-6 offers a line of control solutions including the TS-PRO color touchscreen controller and weather-resistant keypads
• The ZR-6's simplifies the installation process thanks to a built-in wizard that eliminates the need for computer programming
• The ZR-6's digital amplifier is stable to 4 ohms and can drive up to four 8 ohm loudspeakers in each zone
• The ZR-6 MultiZone Receiver retails at $1,995.00 and is now shipping to Niles authorized dealers nationwide. The TS-PRO retails at $799.95 and is expected to ship the 4th quarter of 2008. The SOLO-6MD retails at $299.95 and is now shipping to Niles authorized dealers nationwide. The SOLO-6IR retails at $149.95 and is now shipping to Niles authorized dealers nationwide. The NUMERIC-6P retails at $99.95 and is now shipping to Niles authorized dealers nationwide.

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