Nine Questions to Consider Before You Hire a Custom AV Installer

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ID-100149461.jpgWe just celebrated our son's second birthday, and I can't believe how time flies and how life has changed. Gone are the long weekend trips to Cabo. Instead it's Sunday pony rides and romps in the bouncy house at the farmer's market around the corner from our condo. One of the craziest life changes in new parenthood was the amazing volume of laundry that we had to do. I swear the clothes washer and dryer were going all day, every day... that is, until the clothes washer at my former house broke. Talk about an end-of-the-world situation. I called repair people all over the Southland (that's what the news people call Southern California for some reason), and none could rush over with the speed that I needed. I considered just buying a new machine to get us back into the game, but that seemed extreme. One of the repair people I found on suggested that I watch this video, as it explained JUST how to fix the problem. You see, in a Maytag Duet washer, there is this PVC-pipe-looking thing that gets all clogged up with junk. You just need to get torque wrench into about six locations, remove a few gaskets, and boom - you have found the offending filter. Just clean that, and you are all set. Easy, right? Wrong. The first problem was, I didn't have the wrenches, which meant a $22 investment and 60 minutes of driving back and forth to the hardware store. I then had to get the small cleaning lady to help push the washer up so that I could start the surgery. It was a mess; but, 30 minutes of cursing later, I got to the filter. It was filled up with all sorts of crap, including the rubber from our bath mats (never buy that type, it turns out), about $6 in quarters, and 24 ball marks from various Golf Magazine Top 100 courses. I cleaned the sucker out, replaced everything, and started what I thought was going to be my first successful load of badly needed laundry. The machine worked for all of 15 minutes and then broke again. Enthusiastically.

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ID-100209748.jpgI am not sure how I forgot that I am not a professional washing-machine repairman, but I did. I wasted time that I could have used to sell ads, edit copy, and otherwise run my business trying to do something beyond my skill sets. Ironically, I learned this "let the pros do the work" lesson years ago with my AV gear. Can I set up a home theater from top to bottom? Absolutely, yes. Can I do it as good as Simply Home Entertainment, one of the top AV firms in the country? Not a chance in hell. They know how to rack-mount gear better than I do. They are faster and better at hanging TVs. They pull wires through walls with ease. They are IT experts. They have the best Crestron programmers. They are just better. Can they sell ads for an online home theater publication? Nope. Nor do they try, which likely makes them smarter than me.

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