Published On: December 30, 2008

Niveus' New More Affordable "Vail" Media Server Includes Blu-ray

Published On: December 30, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Niveus' New More Affordable "Vail" Media Server Includes Blu-ray

Nivieus media servers isn't around any more but they tried what they could to get proper distribution. Read this news story about how the looked to ADI to sell their media servers to custom installers around the country.

Niveus' New More Affordable "Vail" Media Server Includes Blu-ray

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Vail.gifNiveus Media has teamed up with ADI to distribute the Niveus Media Server to custom electronics installers across the country. Now available at ADI branch locations, the Niveus Media Server - Vail Edition is an energy-efficient entertainment server designed to store, aggregate, and distribute HD content throughout the home. 

With support for movies, music, photos, and much more in its slender frame, Vail is packed with advanced technologies to deliver stunning in-home audio and video reproduction. A CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Awards recipient, Vail is based on Windows Vista® Home Premium featuring Windows® Media Center. It is equipped with an optional Blu-ray Disc• drive, 250GB of storage, and proprietary Niveus technologies including the new Niveus Movie Library movie management interface!

Through Vail, digital photography and video collections are securely stored and accessed throughout the home; CD collections are merged with downloaded audio tracks to create a uniform and all-encompassing music library; and Blu-ray Disc•, DVD, and digital movies from leading content providers such as VideoGiants, are aggregated in the Niveus Movie Library, an attractive and intuitive movie management interface.

As Niveus' first energy-efficient media server, Vail Edition offers remarkably low power consumption at less than 180W. Niveus engineers were able to integrate the industry's finest components into Niveus' most compact media server, at just over 2 inches in height and 17lbs in weight.

Suitable for rack mount installation or living room placement, Vail is engineered with a silent active cooling design for cool and quiet (less than 30db noise) performance. For seamless integration into the home network, Vail is built with the proprietary Niveus ConvergencePanel• high-performance audio and video ports.

All Vail Editions sold through ADI are bundled with an exclusive HDGiants content package, including 1 HDNet film and credit towards the purchase of MusicGiants downloads. Dealers will have the opportunity to earn recurring revenue on all the content that a customer purchases.

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