Published On: November 24, 2012

Nordost Introduces New Red Dawn Power Cord

Published On: November 24, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Nordost Introduces New Red Dawn Power Cord

Nordost is shipping the newest addition to the company's power cord offerings. The Red Dawn power cord promises many feats of engineering that will enhance your systems performance.

Nordost Introduces New Red Dawn Power Cord

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Nordost-Red-Dawn-power-cord-small.jpgNordost is now shipping the Red Dawn power cord as part of its premier line of Leif Series cables for audio and video components. Its heavier gauge (14 AWG) stranded construction uses our proprietary Micro Mono-Filament FEP technology and has a power handling rating of 10 amps.

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The new Red Dawn power cable offers a greatly improved performance over the stock power cables supplied with most AV equipment. The cable is UL approved and designed for use with all two channel and multichannel AV components as well as video projectors and televisions. Unlike conventional power cables that use thick insulation, which impedes current flow and slows transient response, the new, heavier gauge, Red Dawn cable offers improved transient response better power transfer and increased thermal efficiency.

Nordost asserts that by drawing a twisted FEP Mono-filament thread around the conductor in a helix pattern, insulation contact with the conductors is reduced by more than 80%.

Extruded FEP insulation has very low signal loss and a high thermal efficiency- meaning it will dissipate heat quickly. This allows greater power to be transferred more efficiently.

The Red Dawn power cord uses three Flexible, Multi-Strand 99.9999 oxygen free, copper 14 AWG conductors to ensure increased power transfer and optimum performance.

Each power cord is handcrafted at the Nordost factory in Holliston Massachusetts using high quality gold plated connectors. Wrapped in a red, medical grade jacket, the power cables use high-grade IEC connectors with triple gold plated Oxygen Free Copper.

The Red Dawn power cord is shipping now and is priced at $349.99/1 meter length (additional half meter increments are $75.00.)

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  • Paul Skillicorn
    2013-06-27 04:45:36

    Well bs from Nordost....

    2012-12-04 19:27:27

    I totally agreed with the other comments until I heard the difference this piece makes. Really not sure how it does make such a big difference but it does. I have done several comparisons of the Nordost power cables vs standard.

  • Mriev
    2012-11-27 18:32:07

    Total B S! Transient response?!? We're talking 60 Hz here, come on, and in any case, transients on the AC line are undesirable, so why would you want an AC power cord that passes them easily?!? There is so much crap in such a short article, Home Theater Review just dropped several notches in believability, and in my opinion of them! The fact that this cable is only 14 gauge and only rated for 10 amps makes it substandard to ordinary $5.00 power cables in my opinion!...

  • Craig
    2012-11-25 00:15:00

    Nice press release. Is there no critical reviews of this type of quackery?

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