Published On: January 3, 2011

NuForce Introduces Precision-Machined Aluminum Earphones

Published On: January 3, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NuForce Introduces Precision-Machined Aluminum Earphones

NuForce has introduced a new headphone that features a aluminum chasis that has been precision-machined as well as titanium-coated drivers. This new headphone is the in-ear NE-700X.

NuForce Introduces Precision-Machined Aluminum Earphones

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NuForce's reputation for high-performance audio at real-world prices continues with the NE-700X Earphones.

Sharing the limelight with their NE6 Earphones, the NE-700X features a precision-machined aluminum chassis that minimizes resonance to the vanishing point. Titanium-coated 8mm drivers provide reportedly sweet, extended highs, a warm and silky-smooth midrange, authoritative bass, and a lifelike soundstage that NuForce claims far exceeds what one might expect of $65 earphones.

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At $79, the NE-700M version includes a hands-free microphone with a pickup button for answering phone calls and operating your music device's playback and fast-forward features.

The suggested retail price of the NE-700X Earphones is $65, and the NE-700M $79. NE-700X will be available for sale on Nuforce online stores starting from December 20, 2010 at an introductory price of $55, a 15% discount. NE-700M will be available for sale around mid January, 2011

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