Published On: October 21, 2009

NuForce Introduces Their Third-Generation Class-D Amplifier

Published On: October 21, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NuForce Introduces Their Third-Generation Class-D Amplifier

One of the newer audiophile darling brands - NuForce is out with a third generation class-D digital switching power amp. These new amps come with patented new technology that adds even more value to the already value-packed NuForce line

NuForce Introduces Their Third-Generation Class-D Amplifier

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NuForce just announced their third-generation (V3) analog switching amplifier. Since the advent of their patented amplifier technology in 2005, Nuforce has won two Power Amp of the Year awards from Japan and the USA. In keeping with company policy, existing NuForce customers are able to upgrade from earlier (V1, V2) generations. At no great cost, they continue to benefit from NuForce R&D.

The V3 board differs from its V2 predecessor in several ways. Improvements in feedback and overall control produce a more linear signal across a very wide bandwidth (to 130 KHz). Harmonic distortion and noise have been significantly reduced.

Audiophile auditions of the new amp point toward the music lover hearing a clearer midrange, smoother highs, greater low-end weight, and an overall sweeter presentation within a better-defined soundstage. The new version 3 power amps from NuForce have even less ear fatigue than past products for a very musical overall experience.

NuForce V3 products will be shipping in October 2009. Contact NuForce directly for upgrade pricing and dealers for new retail prices.

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