Published On: March 3, 2009

NuVision Steps On The Gas With New Sets When Others Are Exiting The HDTV Market

Published On: March 3, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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NuVision Steps On The Gas With New Sets When Others Are Exiting The HDTV Market

NuVision is standing firm in its commitment to higher-end flat panels aimed at the specialty market. This year, the company plans to introduce many new LCD TVs, in both the LED and CCFL categories. How does NuVision plan to succeed where others have failed? Read on.

NuVision Steps On The Gas With New Sets When Others Are Exiting The HDTV Market

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NuVision has announced multiple new displays due to launch in Q2 through Q4 2009 that will bolster its top-end product line.

Numerous display brands have exited the market including Fujitsu, Vidikron, Hitachi Director Series, and most recently Pioneer's KURO brand. NuVision will take this opportunity to fill the subsequent consumer demand for top-class display solutions. But where Pioneer failed, NuVision is galvanized to succeed thanks to crucial differences not only in the technology and manufacturing processes but also in the profit margins available to NuVision dealers.

NuVision is a manufacturer of high performance 1080p Deep Black LCD displays utilizing cutting edge technologies, superior build quality, minimalist architectural design and a complete focus on picture performance. Foremost in the current display series is the Lucidium LCD line ranging from 22 inch to 52 inch delivering NiDO image scaling, 10-bit image processing and Digital Switching Deep Black technologies.

Poised to capitalize on its place as the premium display solution provider, scheduled for May '09, NuVision will launch the exceptional Lucidium Film-Times-Five FX5 Series 42 inch, 47 inch, 52 inch and 65 inch displays delivering 120Hz picture performance and exclusive Frame Forward Motion technology. Also due for Q3/Q4 '09 are the FX5Ls and FX10 ultra slim LED backlit displays offering 120Hz and 240Hz performance. These "plasma killing" models represent the future of display technology and will be an asset to the most discerning retailers and videophiles alike.

Every NuVision display is designed with the installer in mind: features like extensive calibration controls, NuControl RS232 + IR input/pass through, and discrete control options are proven winners that mean quicker, simpler installation, higher consumer satisfaction and faster customer turnover. NuVision dealers benefit from realistic, attainable margins backed by a stated and enforced zero internet sales policy, advertised MAP requirements, and selective distribution. These combine to ensure that dealers will not be shopped online or by discount retailer advertisements.

Founded in 2005, NuVision grew by more than 60% in 2008 and is seeking new partners to sustain this growth through 2009.

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