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Omnimount-elements.gifAnother new addition to OmniMount's line of A/V stands, the Elements Series includes two models: the Elements 403FP ($329.95) and Elements 503FP ($379.95). This line, which is part of the company's Core furniture collection, was created with flexibility in mind. Each model offers three different configurations and comes with interchangeable color panels to suit your d�cor. You can set up the Elements unit as a TV stand by itself, as an equipment stand with an attached flat-panel TV mount, or as a separate stand and mount. The cabinet's angled shape allows for corner placement, if desired.

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Both stands feature two tempered-glass shelves that can support up to 50 pounds, as well as a top glass shelf that can support your flat-panel TV if you choose to forgo the included mount. The open design lacks front doors and rear panels, but the stands include cable management and plastic feet to protect your floors. You can choose between four colored panels (high-gloss black, walnut, cherry, and brushed stainless steel) that adhere to the front frame. The smaller 403FP can accommodate a flat panel from 32 to 47 inches, up to 110 pounds. It measures 40 inches wide by 52.8 high by 20 deep. The larger 503FP model is designed to support panels from 42 to 55 inches, up to 125 pounds. It measures 50 inches wide by 52.8 high by 20 deep. When attached to the TV stand, the supplied mount swivels 30 degrees in either direction for improved viewing angles and has a universal adapter for greater compatibility with a variety of TVs. Should you choose to put the mount directly on the wall, it has a 1.5-inch profile. The mount is Universal- and VESA-compliant, and it features OmniMount's patented Lift n' Lock system to make it easier to secure your TV in place.

High Points
• The angled design is well suited for corner placement, and the open backside makes it easy to access your equipments' connection panels.
• You can integrate the TV mount into the stand or separate the two pieces for increased flexibility. If wall-mounting the TV, the mount has a modest profile and uses OmniMount's Lift n' Lock system for easier installation.
• The Elements Series can accommodate panels from 32 up to 55 inches.
• Each model includes a cable-management solution to minimize the visibility of wires, which is especially important in an open, door-less design.
• Four color panels are included, and it's easy to change the panels as your other furniture changes.
• OmniMount's A/V stands are reasonably priced.

Low Points
• The open design means these stands are not a good choice for someone who needs or wants to hide their A/V equipment. The design also lacks a dedicated center-channel speaker compartment.
• Shelving height is not adjustable.
• The series does not include a matching vertical equipment rack for those people who need to accommodate more gear.

The Elements Series' aesthetic is pretty straightforward, but this line offers setup flexibility that you don't get in other equipment racks at this price point. The ability to integrate the TV mount into the stand is a good choice for someone who can't or doesn't want to mount their TV on the wall, and the interchangeable color panels are a nice touch. The Elements Series is an especially good fit for someone with a modest entertainment system who wants a space-saving design that can fit in a corner.
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