OmniMount Link Series A/V Stands Reviewed

Published On: February 5, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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OmniMount Link Series A/V Stands Reviewed

Modern lines from one of the best rack manufacturers out there is the opening theme from the OmniMount Link Series rack. There is plenty of room for a big flat HDTV as well as a modest amount of equipment and AV software in this affordable rack.

OmniMount Link Series A/V Stands Reviewed

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Omnimount-LT63.gifAs its name suggests, OmniMount's Link Series is a modular line of A/V stands that you can mix and match to craft the exact entertainment solution you need. You can also add on as your system grows. The Link Series, which is part of the company's Moda furniture collection, includes four pieces that have a contemporary aesthetic combining black glass and brushed-nickel accents. Three of the models feature enclosed cabinets with drop-down doors that are available in either a walnut finish or a black glass that allows for IR pass-through to control the components inside.
The LT63 is a low-boy TV stand that measures 63 inches wide by 23.3 high by 20.6 deep. The lower part of the stand offers two enclosed cabinets; above that is an open shelf that can support up to 150 pounds. The top shelf can accommodate up to a 65-inch flat panel, or 150 pounds.

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The LC31 audio stand features a single enclosed cabinet with a black glass top that can support 50 pounds. The four brushed-nickel legs are removable, which allows you to stack multiple LC31 models to accommodate more equipment. The LC31 measures 31.5 inches wide by 23.4 high by 20.6 deep.
The LDC31 is essentially a double-tall version of the LC31, featuring two enclosed cabinets stacked atop one another, plus a set of non-removable feet. The cabinet can support up to 100 pounds and measures 31.5 inches wide by 17.5 high by 20.6 deep.
The final piece is the LS31, a simple audio shelf with a black top and four feet. Easily stackable and the perfect add-on piece to the other three models, the LS31 supports 25 pounds and measures 31.5 inches wide by 7.5 high by 20.6 deep.

High Points

• The Link Series has an attractive, contemporary design that combines enclosed cabinets and open shelves.

• The series is modular, so you can configure the exact system you want and add on as needed.

• The LT63 can support up to a 65-inch TV.

• This is one of the few OmniMount A/V-stand options that has doors, for those who prefer to hide their equipment. The doors are available in a black glass that allows for IR pass-through.
• OmniMount's A/V stands are reasonably priced.

Low Points

• Shelving height is not adjustable, and some shelves likely can't accommodate tall or deep components.

• The stands do not have advanced ventilation or cable-management systems.

• You can't attach a TV mount directly to the stand, as you can with other OmniMount lines.


The Link Series' modular nature gives it a flexbility that you won't find in many equipment stands. It's a great choice for someone whose A/V system is always changing or who simply likes the freedom to reorganize every now and again. The attractive design also allows you to branch out and use the modular pieces elsewhere in the room.

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