OmniMount omnimount TV Mount Reviewed

OmniMount omnimount TV Mount Reviewed

It doesn't get any more basic than the Omnimount TV mount and for many home theater, video and HDTV enthusiasts - this is all of the hardware you'll ever need. Read the full review here from Adrienne Maxwell of

Omnimount-HDTVmount.gifIf you like the idea of wall-mounting your flat panel but are put off by either the appearance or complex installation of many TV mounts, the omnimount ($39.95) was made just for you. OmniMount may not have been terribly creative in coming up with a name for this product, but they put a lot of creative thinking into designing and packaging an incredibly user-friendly mount that is as discreet and easy to install as you're likely to find in the world of TV mounts. The box comes with everything you need to wall-mount a flat-panel TV with a screen size from 13 to 42 inches.

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The omnimount is basically just four small brackets (about 1.5 inches in diameter) that you can install in drywall, studs, or concrete. The mount can accommodate a panel weighing up to 40 pounds in drywall alone; should you choose to go into a stud or concrete, it can support up to 80 pounds. The omnimount has an on-wall profile of just one inch and is Universal- and VESA-compliant.
The installation process involves just a few simple steps. You begin by attaching the four supplied panel spacers to the mounting inserts on the back of your TV. Next, you position the supplied template on the wall. The template has a built-in level and marking pins, and it includes a number of cut-outs to suit different VESA patterns. Just choose the cut-outs that match up with your TV, insert the brackets into the template, and affix them to the wall. The package includes the needed wall screws and drill bit for drywall installation. If you opt to go into a stud, wall anchors are provided, but a drill bit is not included. Once you've secured the four brackets to the wall, remove the template and simply lower the TV into the brackets until you hear a click. That's all there is to it.

High Points

• Installing the omnimount is very easy; everything you need is in the box.

• The mount has a discreet form factor and a modest on-wall profile.
• The omnimount can support up to 40 pounds in drywall alone, which makes installation even easier. It can also accommodate heavier TVs if you mount it to a stud.
• This mount is an excellent value.

Low Points

• The omnimount is only designed to accommodate panels up to 42 inches in screen size.

• To offer such easy installation, OmniMount has limited the mount's features. This is a fixed mount, with no tilt or cantilever function.

• The mount's design may make it difficult to accommodate bulkier video cables on a rear-facing connection panel, especially if that panel is not recessed.


OmniMount should have just called this product "TV Mount for Dummies" because that's essentially what it is. From the mount's streamlined form factor to the clearly labeled, well-organized packaging, everything about this product is designed for user convenience. The omnimount is a great choice for someone who owns a small to medium-sized panel and is looking for a basic fixed mount with minimal setup hassle. That low MSRP of $39.95 further sweetens the deal.

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