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Omnimount-videobasics.gifYou've spent the extra money to buy an ultra-thin HDTV. The last thing you want to do is hinder the minimalist look by mating the TV with a bulky wall-mount. OmniMount designed the VideoBasics line of flat-panel TV mounts with these customers in mind. The line includes three mounts that have an on-wall profile of just 0.75 inches, leaving just enough room for proper ventilation and to accommodate a standard HDMI cable. All three mounts (the VFM, VFL and VFX) are fixed models, with no tilt or cantilever function. They are constructed of heavy-gauge steel and have a single wall-plate design, with sliding lateral on-wall adjustment.

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The mounts offer universal rails and panel spacers for compatibility with a variety of TVs. They use OmniMount's Lift n' Lock system to easily attach your TV to the mount, as well as a locking bar for added security. The VideoBasics mounts are Universal- and VESA-compliant. The VFM ($79.95) can support panels from 23 to 42 inches, up to 80 pounds. The VFL ($99.95) can support panels from 37 to 63 inches, up to 150 pounds. Finally, the VFX is designed to accommodate panels from 42 to 70 inches, up to 200 pounds. The mounts are UL-listed, so they're approved to hold more than four times their published weight capacity.

High Points
• The VideoBasics TV mounts have a low profile of just 0.75 inches.
• The line can accommodate panels from 23 to 70 inches.
• They are designed for easy installation, with installation templates, universal rails and spacers, and OmniMount's Lift n' Lock system.
• The small form factor and open design allow for wall-cutouts if you needed more space in back to run cables.

Low Points
• These are fixed, non-motorized mounts, with no tilt or cantilever functions.
• The low-profile design can make it more difficult to run A/V and power cables. If you plan to use bulkier video cables, like component video, or if your TV's connections and power cable are on the rear panel (and not recessed), installation might require wall-cutouts.

The VideoBasics line is designed for someone who wants to keep his or her on-wall TV installation as low-profile as possible and is willing to forego pan, swivel, or tilt features in order to preserve that slim look. These mounts are a good match for TVs with side- or bottom-panel connections that allow for flush installations without cutting into the walls.
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