Published On: November 23, 2010

Onkyo Debuts Mini Systems

Published On: November 23, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Onkyo Debuts Mini Systems

There isn't much that Onkyo DOESN'T make these days from AV receivers to home theaters in a box Onkyo does it all so it should come as no surprise that they've announced a new line of mini systems. Mini systems were popular in the 90's and like everything from the 80's are just about due for a comeback; at least that's what Onkyo is banking on.

Onkyo Debuts Mini Systems

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Onkyo has introduced an audio-video mini system and stereo mini system that are designed for the office, bedroom, or dorm room. The AV mini system consists of a DVD/CD receiver with a built-in dock for iPod, a USB connection, HDMI video output with 1080p upscaling, and a pair of two-way loudspeakers. The step-down stereo music system has a CD receiver, built-in dock for iPod/iPhone, and smaller two-way speakers.

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The Onkyo CS-V645 DVD/CD Mini System plays a wide range of audio and video formats from DVDs, CDs, iPod, and USB. In addition to standard DVD and CD playback, it supports MP3, WMA, JPEG, and DivX file formats. Video programs are upscaled to 1080p resolution for output to a high definition video display over an HDMI connection. The dock for iPod is located on the top of the receiver, and the USB jack is on the front panel for easy access for flash drives and cable-connected systems.

The Onkyo CS-445 CD mini system plays CD's CD-R and CD-RW media with standard CD-audio, MP3, and WMA files, and the top-panel dock for iPod/iPhone dramatically increases the available music sources.

Both systems have 40-watt stereo amplifier sections and a pair of high-performance two-way bass-reflex loudspeakers with 1-inch soft dome tweeters and the company's signature OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber) woofer cones. The DVD receiver has a 20-preset FM tuner, the CD receiver has an AM/FM tuner with 40 presets, and both models include a full-function remote control.

The Onkyo CS-V645 will be available in early December with a suggested retail price of $399. The Onkyo CS-445 reached dealers in early November with a suggested retail price of $329.

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