Optoma Announces $579 HD142x 1080p Projector

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Optoma-HD142X.jpgOptoma has announcd the introduction of the new HD142x 1080p DLP projector. A follow-up to the company's popular HD141x, the new model offers better color and contrast, improved lamp life, and a smaller form factor. The rated contrast ratio is 23,000:1, brightness is listed at 3,000 lumens, lamp life is rated at up to 8,000 hours, and the HD142x features a new optical lens to create sharper images. The HD142x is priced at $549 and will ship on July 18.


From Optoma
Optoma is launching its HD142x 1080p home theater projector, improving upon its impressive Optoma HD141x, the top selling 1080p projector in the U.S. market. With even better color and contrast, improved lamp life and a smaller form factor, the Optoma HD142x delivers an incredible high definition picture for an unmatched price point to enjoy movies, games, sports and TV.

With color and contrast ratio being the two most critical elements to a great picture, Optoma has improved upon both with its HD142x. Adding an sRGB color mode, the Optoma HD142x reproduces accurate colors for PC and Mac content and color space, complementing the Reference Mode, which reproduces accurate Rec.709 HDTV broadcast spec colors-ensuring content created for any source will look true and vibrant. With an increase in contrast ratio to 23,000:1, this projector also provides rich blacks capable of showing important texture and detail in any picture.

In addition, lamp life has been improved to deliver up to 8,000 hours, a new and advanced optical lens ensures even sharper and crisper images. Its new and smaller form factor with a rear I/O panel makes adopting projection into a home even easier.

Features of the Optoma HD142x include:
• Accurate, rich colors: with both Rec.709 and sRGB color modes, the Optoma HD142x can deliver rich, true and accurate colors for any content
• Market-leading contrast: 23,000:1: its high contrast ratio means bright whites and dark, detailed blacks in any picture
• 1080p resolution: high-definition resolution translates to incredible picture detail for movies, games and more
• Brightness: With 3,000 lumens of brightness, the HD142x can be used in rooms with moderate ambient light, and can light up larger home screens - or walls
• 3D ready: the Optoma HD142x supports all HDMI 1.4a mandatory 3D formats for playback of 3D content for immersive viewing
• Integrated sound: it features a 10-watt speaker for integrated audio/video and ultimately consumer ease of use
• Wireless and device compatibility: MHL devices such as Optoma's HDCast Pro for wireless streaming, Roku Streaming Stick, and smartphones connect directly to enable users to plays music and videos, view pictures and even share other content seamlessly
• Consumer friendly pricing: At only $579 (estimated street price), the Optoma HD142x delivers the best price-per-inch for incredible, large screen high-definition entertainment viewing, whether comparing to an HDTV or another high-definition projector

"As a leader in the consumer projection space, Optoma is focused on educating more consumers on the advantage of projectors over flat screen TVs--it's simply too good of a value proposition to pass up today," said Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. "With the Optoma HD141x, we saw increased adoption of projection because we delivered an incredible high-definition entertainment experience--and with the HD142x, we've improved upon that to really hit home the message--projectors provide the best home entertainment and home theater experience, inch for inch."

The Optoma HD142x is now available for purchase online from Amazon, B&H Photo, Beach Camera, with more retailers coming soon, and shipping on July 18. 

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