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Lastly, I could never get the picture as sharp as I wanted it. I didn't have any similarly-priced projectors on hand for comparison, but projectors I have seen in the $2,000 range were noticeably sharper. If you aren't used to the sharpness of the better projectors, you may not miss it, but once you have seen what levels of sharpness and clarity are available, the decrease in sharpness is noticeable.

Optoma has provided consumers with the ability to obtain a very large and satisfactory picture that will provide a real movie theater experience for the same amount of money that previously would have only allowed the purchase of a mid-range 50-inch-class flat panel. This projector isn't for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it as a primary display for a well-heeled home theater aficionado, as they would probably appreciate the performance the extra money can buy you. However, for the vast majority of people, those who simply want a nice big watchable picture that will wow friends for sporting events or movie night, you can't go wrong with the Optoma HD20.

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