Optoma HD8600 DLP Projector Reviewed

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Optoma HD8600 DLP Projector Reviewed

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Optoma_HD8600_projector_review.gifHigh Points
• The HD8600 has a 1080p resolution and can accept 24p sources.
• PureMotion2 processing allows you to reduce judder for smoother motion in film sources.
• Dual lamp modes allow you to tailor the projector's light output to suit your viewing environment.
• It has three HDMI inputs, as well as 12-volt triggers and an RS-232 port.
• Three lens options are available, as are ISF calibration modes.
• An anamorphic mode is available, if you'd like to mate the projector with an anamorphic lens system.

Low Points
• The zoom, focus and lens-shift controls are manual, not motorized.
• The horizontal lens-shift function is limited.
• The company opted for a 48Hz output mode, instead of 96Hz, with 24p Blu-ray sources. In general, 96Hz proves to be more effective.

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Much like Epson does with its Pro Cinema versus Home Cinema lines, Optoma targets different projectors at different markets. The HD8600 is aimed specifically at the custom-installation market and sold exclusively through AVAD. In its standard-lens configuration, it has an MSRP of $7,499 (the cost is $8,499 for the short-throw lens and $8,999 for the long-throw lens), which pits this DLP model against top performers from companies like JVC and Sony. The HD8600 offers comparable features and, by all accounts I've seen, more than holds its own in the performance realm. Its higher light output makes it a good choice for someone who plans to use a larger-than-average screen in a dedicated theater environment.
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