Orb Audio Mod4 Home Theater Speaker System Reviewed

Published On: January 25, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Orb Audio Mod4 Home Theater Speaker System Reviewed

Orb has long been an innovator in compact and round speakers. The Mod4 "possesses an amazing coherence along nearly all of the frequency range due largely to their point source design and cross over free nature for a two-channel or home theater experience that must be heard to be believed..."

Orb Audio Mod4 Home Theater Speaker System Reviewed

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Orb Audio has been a leader and innovator in the small, compact and round speaker market for years. While not the only manufacturer to make a "round" speaker Orb Audio has long been my favorite for two reasons, first being their overall sound and second because of their sheer value. The Mod4 Custom System reviewed here is no different with a five-speaker price (no subwoofer) of $1,699 with their best package coming in at $2,239. You can order your system through Orb Audio to include a variety of subwoofers as well as electronics and even Blu-ray players for a nearly complete home theater package. I say nearly complete because the display, be it flat panel or projection, is left up to you. Orb is also unique among the competition in that all Orb speakers are sold direct via Orb's own website which is not only efficient but passes along considerable savings to you, the consumer.

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Buy the Mod4 Home Theater System from Orb Audio.

The Mod4 system is comprised (depending on which system you build) mostly of Orb's classis round speaker in a four speaker array. The left and right mains effectively stack four Orb speakers one on top of the next with the center channel positioning them side by side on a custom stand. Each speaker that makes up a Mod4 speaker system is a single driver, point source design utilizing a custom wound voice coil mated to a uber powerful neodymium magnet. The housing is made of solid steel and is hand assembled right here in the good old US of A. The individual Orb Mod 1 speakers are then attached to a bracket (included) and wired together via their binding posts. Out of the box the Mod4 system comes equipped to be mounted to your wall or stand on a table, but floor mounts are available at an extra cost. The Mod4 comes in a variety of finishes including custom one of kind offerings at an added cost. Regardless of the finish, Orb's choices are among the best and décor friendly I've encountered in the speaker world.

High Points
• The Mod4 system possesses an amazing coherence along nearly all of the frequency range due largely to their point source design and cross over free nature for a two-channel or home theater experience that must be heard to be believed.
• The compact nature and superb finish of the Mod 4 system and all of the Orb line of products makes them a natural fit for nearly every décor and room size.
• The tiny Mod4 speakers are surprisingly robust and full range when driven with the appropriate electronics and in a small bedroom or den system may not require the need for a subwoofer. However, if you're a bass head or watch a fair amount to action genre films a subwoofer or two will be a nice addition to the Mod 4 system.
• The buying experience and the convenience of Orb Audio's one-stop-shop approach is a revelation among the competition and only helps boost their already stellar value.

Low Points
• While incredibly stylish and easy to use, the binding posts on the Mod 4 system leave a little to be desired and necessitate the need for smaller gauge wire. Orb Audio will sell you the necessary wire at a very reasonable cost, but if you're looking to use your current ultra-thick speaker cable you may be disappointed.
• The floor stands that can be ordered to accompany the Mod 4 system are very solid and sturdy however they are no where near as slick looking as the speakers themselves.

When you consider their modest asking price coupled with Orb Audio's stellar reputation the Mod 4 system is difficult to beat when shopping for micro speakers; a sector of the industry that has to include heavy weights such as Gallo and Bose. However, unlike the competition, especially Bose, the Mod 4 system actually sounds good. In fact they sound much better than good. With custom finishes out the yin yang and their ability to be mounted virtually anywhere the Mod 4 is among the best buys in the business when shopping for a home theater system to compliment your new flat panel display without over powering your living room. Highly recommended.

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