Published On: August 29, 2023

Origin Acoustics Elevates Outdoor Audio with Upgraded Ambisonic Bollard Speaker Series

Published On: August 29, 2023
Last Updated on: September 1, 2023
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Origin Acoustics Elevates Outdoor Audio with Upgraded Ambisonic Bollard Speaker Series

Origin Acoustics introduces its improved Ambisonic Bollard landscape speakers, featuring advanced technology and expanded options.

Origin Acoustics Elevates Outdoor Audio with Upgraded Ambisonic Bollard Speaker Series

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Origin Acoustics has revealed significant enhancements to its renowned Ambisonic Bollard landscape speaker series. This upgraded lineup promises to deliver superior outdoor audio experiences with expanded size options, improved tweeter technology, and a sleek new design. The move aims to cater to the demand for premium outdoor audio solutions that blend seamlessly with outdoor spaces while offering enhanced sound quality.

The Ambisonic Bollard series by Origin Acoustics has been recognized as a solution to the challenge of creating attractive outdoor speakers capable of producing deep bass and maintaining their functionality under various weather conditions. The latest upgrades, announced with a projected availability in Spring 2024, emphasize Origin Acoustics' efforts to push the boundaries of acoustic technology in outdoor audio solutions.

A highlight of the upgraded series is the incorporation of high-performance Ambisonic round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter technology. This innovation is designed to enhance high-frequency reproduction, offering superior clarity while minimizing distortion even at higher power levels. By integrating this advanced tweeter technology, Origin Acoustics seeks to elevate the overall sound quality of the Ambisonic Bollard landscape speakers.

In addition to the tweeter upgrade, Origin Acoustics is expanding the Ambisonic Bollard series to include three sizes: Bollard 106 (large), Bollard 85 (medium), and Bollard 64 (small). This expansion aims to cater to a broader range of outdoor spaces, accommodating both residential and commercial applications. The varying sizes ensure that users can select the optimal speaker to suit their specific audio needs.

The new Ambisonic Bollard 85 landscape speaker, one of the latest additions to the lineup, features an integrated 8-inch subwoofer that can be easily buried for a discreet appearance. Its 5 ¼-inch down-firing driver disperses sound in a 360-degree pattern, providing comprehensive audio coverage across the outdoor area. The subwoofer is intelligently designed to maintain cohesive sound by sharing the same opening as the mid/tweeter components.

Origin Acoustics has also demonstrated its dedication to providing installation flexibility. The Ambisonic Bollard speakers come with an adjustable impedance setting for both 8Ω and 70v/100v options. This feature enables seamless integration with a variety of setups, offering peak power handling ranging from 200W to 800W depending on the model. Moreover, larger transformers and tap settings on the subwoofer contribute to cleaner and deeper bass reproduction, particularly at higher volumes.

The series also showcases a modern hexagonal aluminum speaker sleeve, replacing the existing round and square options. Designed to endure outdoor elements such as moisture, heat, and sunlight, these speaker sleeves maintain the natural beauty of aluminum while ensuring longevity. With color options including Midnight Black, Stargazing Silver, and Champaign, users can choose a sleeve that harmonizes with their outdoor environment.

While the pricing for the upgraded Ambisonic Bollard landscape speaker series is yet to be determined, enthusiasts and professionals alike can anticipate experiencing these advancements firsthand at events such as CEDIA 2023. The series is expected to ship during the second quarter of 2024.

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