Outlaw Audio ECS-10 Subwoofer Reviewed

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Outlaw Audio ECS-10 Subwoofer Reviewed

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A major problem in the past with small and compact subwoofers was their inability to deliver strong and deep low-end to the average soundstage. Outlaw Audio's design team was well aware of this challenge when they started developing the ECS-10 subwoofer. They made sure that the ECS-10 maintained a compact footprint yet packed the punch that fans of Outlaw subwoofers have come to expect, courtesy of a long throw 10-inch woofer.

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Assisted by this subwoofer's eight-inch piston that drives the audio signal to the woofer cone, Outlaw Audio is standing by their assertion that the ESC-10 will destroy the negative image that the compact subwoofer currently has, as this small but powerful subwoofer is designed to deliver as much deep bass as any other subwoofer twice its size.

The relatively low cost of this subwoofer's $850 MSRP results in a price range that the average audiophile can really get behind. The ESC-10 also contains dynamic design elements such as a 1000 Watt RMS amplifier, 180-degree phase control for quick audio signal response and a sealed design that allows for a highly impactful low-end.

This subwoofer weighs in at 46-pounds and has a very modern-looking design that conveys its overall power once you get a good look at the jet-black veneer casing and the black speaker grille that does a great job of eliminating noise blur while playing back any audio CD. The ESC-10 stands thirteen-inches tall, twelve-inches deep and is around thirteen-inches wide.

Looking at the rear panel, this attractive subwoofer has easily accessible controls such as a main volume knob, low-pass crossover control, R/L outputs, four speaker level inputs and an automatic on/off, inactive/active switch. These connections and inputs are perfectly designed so that any consumer can integrate their other audio components directly into the subwoofer with very little effort.

When listening to various rock bands and rap vocals using the ECS-10 as the main speaker component delivering the musical low-end, I noticed that this subwoofer was more than capable of dispersing powerful bass throughout the entire room, providing vibrant low-end that was clean and precise at the same time. Even though the ECS-10 is a lot smaller than most subwoofers I had demo'ed in the past, this fact did not seem to impair the amazing amount of adroit bass audio that I was experiencing during my demo of the ECS-10.

Moving the subwoofer around the room, playing with open air and corner placement did not totally change the sound of nor impact the depths reached by the ECS-10. That type of placement experimentation speaks volumes about how a subwoofer can either excel at sound displacement or fail, and the ECS-10 passed this test with flying colors. While watching movies with the subwoofer, I was amazed at how accurately this smallish subwoofer was able to replicate the bombs and explosions associated with the average Hollywood action movie. All in all, I had a very good demonstration of what a compact, yet powerful subwoofer can bring to overall soundstage.

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