Panamax M1500-UPS-PFP Uninterruptible Power Supply Reviewed

Published On: October 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Panamax M1500-UPS-PFP Uninterruptible Power Supply Reviewed

Anybody who has lost data on their computer in a blackout knows that if the lights go out - its nice to have some reserve power to cover you. The same goes in home theater systems especially with hot-running digital 1080p video projectors.

Panamax M1500-UPS-PFP Uninterruptible Power Supply Reviewed


Battery backup is all the rage in home theater AC power products, for good reason. With an aging and often failing national power grid, it's not uncommon to see a system suffering from a power failure so severe that the entire system shuts down quite abruptly. These crashes are not good for a system, especially for front video projectors, as their ultra-bright bulbs need fans to cool them down. If there is a sudden loss of power, the bulb can overheat and potentially either be damaged or completely fail. This is where the Panamax M1500-UPS for $995 comes in.

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High Points
• The Panamax M1500-PM can last a solid 15 minutes, depending on the power needs of your system, giving you ample time to shut your rig down before the power runs out.
• The IR control of the M1500-UPS allows you unique control over components like video projectors.
• RS-232 control of the product makes it a custom AV installer's dream to control.

Low Points
• At $995, you have a significant investment in power, yet could still use power regeneration and isolation, which can cost nearly double with additional components and/or could be had as an all-in-one solution for double the price of the Panamax.

Battery backup is not hype: it is a smart way to protect your audio/video investment. The damage you can do to a digital front video projector easily justifies the cost of a $995 battery backup. With the feature set of this product and its relevance with a failing U.S. power grid, it's easy to justify the investment.

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