Published On: March 28, 2011

Panamax/Furman Joins Forces with LiteTouch

Published On: March 28, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Panamax/Furman Joins Forces with LiteTouch

Power meet control. Control - power. Panamax and Furman are joining forces with control system Litetouch to offer lighting control solutions to the consumer and dealer base of Panamax and Furman.

Panamax/Furman Joins Forces with LiteTouch

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Panamax/Furman recently announced that the company will be combining LiteTouch, a manufacturer of lighting control products, with its operations. Both companies are subsidiaries of the Home Technology Group of Linear, LLC.

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Panamax delivers power management, monitoring, and control solutions engineered for professional custom electronics integrators. The Furman brand provides a wide range of power management solutions for musicians, audio professionals, and commercial A/V integrators, and it offers a line of high-performance power conditioners for audiophile-grade A/V systems.

LiteTouch delivers lighting control solutions designed to be installed and custom-programmed by authorized dealers, certified installers, and distributors worldwide. LiteTouch lighting control systems are engineered for both new construction and retrofit applications, with features such as remote access, conditional event and custom programming, daylight harvesting, and a host of other energy-saving features.

Both companies are increasingly focused on providing energy efficiency and energy management solutions. Panamax/Furman has integrated its new BlueBOLT Technology into many of its products, making it easy for dealers and installers to control and monitor A/V system power from anywhere in the world through a secure, hosted IP Web portal. LiteTouch has added DayLight Harvesting keypads to its product lineup, and the company will feature a low-voltage relay and data input port option for each of its new 2011 keypads, allowing for the local connection of motion and occupancy sensors to the system.

As a combined entity, LiteTouch and Panamax/Furman will move forward under the leadership of Panamax/Furman President Bill Pollock, located in Petaluma, California.

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