Published On: March 23, 2011

Panasonic Announces Pricing of New 3D Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

Published On: March 23, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Panasonic Announces Pricing of New 3D Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

Looking for a new Blu-ray capable home theater in a box or sound bar speaker system? HDTV and plasma leader, Panasonic has a sexy, thin line of new speakers, subwoofers, Blu-ray machines and more to match your latest HDTV investment.

Panasonic Announces Pricing of New 3D Blu-ray Home Theater Systems

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Panasonic recently announced pricing of its new 3D Blu-ray home theater systems which reproduce 3D with surround sound and boast 3D Effect Controller, Universal Dock for iPod/iPhone and Skype compatibility. All models from entry-level up feature built-in WiFi connectivity.

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The new models, SC-BTT770, SC-BTT370 and SC-BTT270 deliver sound quality that complements the 3D images. Based on the concept of reproducing an ideal cinema-like surround sound environment, Panasonic's proprietary technology, called Cinema Surround Plus, reportedly compensates for the lack of a surround effect to provide smooth surround sound and offers an enhanced surround effect from above and around.

Featuring Panasonic's 3D Playback, the new systems allow the user to tailor the image display as desired. The 3D Effect Controller adjusts the amount of the depth effect for more expansive images and enables the viewer to enjoy 3D movies with the preferred level of 3D effects.

The main component measures only 1.5 inches high. The systems are designed to match a flat panel display. The new table-top design of the SC-BTT370 offers easy set-up and will add style to any home setting.

The SC-BTT770 is equipped with rear wireless speakers and wireless kit so there is no need for wires across the room. The SC-BTT370 is wireless-ready and can be upgraded to provide wireless rear audio with the addition of the optional SH-FX71 wireless kit for rear speakers ($129.95).

Read more about the new features of the new Panasonic home theater systems on Page 2.

Panasonic_SC-BTT750_home_theater_system.gifThe top two models SC-BTT770 and SC-BTT370 feature VIERA CAST with Skype a new function which allows users to connect with friends and family around the world on any compatible TV. And when they are not home, a convenient Auto Answering Video Message feature answers incoming calls and records video voicemail messages.

Models SC-BTT770 and SC-BTT370 include a down-firing subwoofer, which achieves bass by releasing the sound downward from the speaker unit and port and utilizes the sound reflected from the floor. These models are equipped with one HDMI output and two HDMI inputs with Standby Pass through for HD and 3D gaming and set-top box connections. Since they feature a Standby Pass Through function, signals from the connected devices can pass through the unit even when the home theater system is turned off.

All of the home theater systems feature Audio Return Channel (ARC), which makes it possible to receive audio signals from the TV, on top of the preexisting HDMI function of sending audio/video signals to the TV with just one cable. This feature simplifies connection by eliminating the audio cable connection between the TV audio output and the main unit's audio input.

All of the new systems feature a Universal Dock for iPod iPhone which employs a digital connection to minimize sound degradation. This lets the user play music and video downloads from an iPod/iPhone.

The new models boast improved features, such as an internal wireless LAN system so IP content, such as VIERA CAST and BD-Live, can be enjoyed without having a LAN cable connection. VIERA CAST has added CinemaNow and Vudu, allowing viewers to stream movies. Other content can also be accessed from the special VIERA CAST screen to check weather, stocks and other information.

Panasonic's Blu-ray 3D home theater systems will be available in April 2011. The SC-BTT770 will carry a suggested retail price (SRP) of $599.99. The SC-BTT370 will have an SRP of $499.99, and the SC-BTT270 will have an SRP of $399.99.

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