Panasonic TC-P54VT25 3D Plasma HDTV Reviewed

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High Points
� The TC-P54VT25 supports 3D playback. It has an integrated sync transmitter and comes with one pair of 3D glasses.
� This TV has a 1080p resolution and will accept 24p sources via its HDMI inputs.
� The TV has plenty of connection options and picture adjustments.
� The TC-P54VT25 will support a wired or (optional) wireless network connection, and it supports the VIERA CAST Web platform.
� The 24p Direct In mode now has a 96Hz option to reduce judder in film-based Blu-ray content.
� Plasma TVs generally do not suffer from viewing-angle limitations or motion-blur issues.
� This TV has both USB and SD card slots for media playback. You can also add a USB-based keyboard or Web camera.�
� An RS-232 port is included.

Low Points
� Plasma TVs generally aren't as bright as LCDs and therefore aren't the best choice for a really bright room with lots of potential light reflections.
� This 3D TV does not offer 2D-to-3D conversion, and you'll have to pay $150 for each additional pair of 3D glasses.�
� The TC-P54VT25 does not have integrated WiFi, and it does not support DLNA media streaming.


The TC-P54VT25's selling price of about $3,000 is slightly higher than that of similarly equipped LCD models from Samsung, LG and Sony. Remember, though, that the package includes one pair of $150 3D glasses, whereas the others do not. The overall cost is actually pretty close between the brands. Ultimately, the question with this Panasonic or any other 3D TV is, how much are you willing to pay to get 3D right now, even though content is scarce? The TC-P54VT25 has many worthwhile features beyond its 3D ability, but those features are available in other Panasonic models for less money. Panasonic will soon release a lower-priced 3D line, the GT25 Series, but that line only includes screen sizes of 50 and 42 inches. If you want a 3D TV at the larger 54-inch size and prefer Panasonic, the TC-P54VT25 is currently your only option.

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