Panasonic's New PT-AE4000U $2,495 1080p Projector

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Panasonic Projector just announced the debut of its newest LCD home theater projector with 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) native resolution: the PT-AE4000U. Designed for home theater enthusiasts and audio video professionals who desire an immersive home entertainment viewing experience, the new projector delivers 1080p images with remarkable detail and clarity with 1,600 lumen brightness and a high contrast ratio.

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The new PT-AE4000U is the next evolution of its award winning predecessor, the PT-AE3000U, which has been widely accepted for its Hollywood tuned high picture quality and innovative features such as the Lens Memory, which prompted more users to use 2.35:1 wide aspect screens. The new projector further expands the way projectors can be enjoyed at the comfort of your own homes with the enhanced Intelligent Lens Memory, VIERA Link® and programmable 12V triggers. Bringing the original picture quality intended by Hollywood movie and television directors to consumer's homes -- AE series continues to deliver new ideas to the home theater market.

Increased Dynamic Range
The PT-AE4000U comes equipped with Panasonic's new optical system that's designed to display beautifully detailed images with a captivating 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,600 lumens of brightness. The new and exclusive Red-Rich Lamp increases the overall luminance efficiency of the projector, thereby realizing 50 percent brighter Cinema Picture modes compared to its predecessor. When producing desirable color purity/balance required for rich color reproduction, the lamp's red luminance determines the level of brightness output. The newly engineered lamp successfully embodies added red luminance, enabling the projector to produce significantly brighter images with excellent color reproduction. In addition, the refined Pure Contrast Plates effectively aid the polarization filter to block unwanted light leakage creating deep blacks and fine shadow details.

Together with a host of carefully engineered Panasonic technology, including the high precision optical lens unit, Dynamic Iris, Pure Color Filter Pro, and Smooth Screen Technology, the PT-AE4000U truly distinguishes itself when compared to other home theater projectors.

New Digital Processing Engine with Professional-Level Features
Frame Creation interpolates an additional frame by analyzing the characteristics of adjacent frames, creating sharp and clear images of fast moving scenes in sports and action movies. The new Frame Creation 2 feature now incorporates blur reduction technology that decreases motion blur even further for faster moving objects. For crisp motion images with high resolution, users may set their frame count preference to 120 frames/1 sec from 60 frames/1sec for 60Hz video signal input, while 24 frames/sec (24p) signals are quadrupled to 96 frames/1sec by interpolating three additional frames to allow natural frame-to-frame transitions.

Panasonic's proprietary Detail Clarity Processor 3 has also taken a leap forward. The new engine now has an advanced image analysis capability which allows the projector to distinguish the type of image it's receiving with exceptional accuracy. This enables the projector to optimize the processing applied to different parts of the image to bring out fine details and three dimensionality for natural, life-like images with excellent clarity. The new LCD projector also comes equipped with several professional-level features that let users calibrate and personalize the images they see on the screen to match their viewing environment. For example, the projector's Advanced Gamma Adjustment allows the users to freely control the output and input level of the gamma curve. The PT-AE4000U Waveform Monitor --seen mostly on professional video and film equipment, measures the level of brightness from a given video signal source. This feature automatically verifies if the source device is outputting at full dynamic range, and quickly makes adjustments to optimize viewing for your home theater environment while making it easy to see a graphical representation of any changes made to the color settings.

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