Paradigm Monitor 7 v.7 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Paradigm Monitor 7 v.7 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Next, I cued up Coldplay's newest single "Paradise" off their upcoming album Mylo Xyloto. "Paradise" showcased the Monitor 7's dynamic prowess brilliantly. Despite being a rather compact floorstanding loudspeaker, the Monitor 7s were outright explosive and so long as I kept the volume within reason (peaks below 95dB), they didn't compress at the extremes like so many other budget loudspeakers. While I still employed my JL Audio sub the Monitor 7's lower mid/bass blended beautifully with my sub and provided ample snap and texture to the performance. Turning my attention to the Monitor 7's high frequencies for a moment I found them to be extended and supple, though at higher volumes I was able to get them to act up. Again, in smaller to medium-sized rooms this is less of an issue, for when I moved the Monitor 7s into my bedroom for a quick listen, they seemed far more at home than when they were in my reference room.

The Hookup: Part Two
It's not uncommon for a reviewer to have to rethink and/or change his or her strategy as it pertains to a review. In this case, following a brief test of the Monitor 7's abilities in my bedroom, I decided to move the rest of the Monitor 7's review from my reference room to my bedroom, which is smaller at 11 by 17 feet with nine foot ceilings. Because I only wanted to change the room and nothing else, I moved all of the before-mentioned associated equipment into my bedroom, including room treatments, and re-connected everything before sitting down for a listen. 

My what a difference a room can make. 

Paradigm_Monitor_7_v7_floorstanding_speaker_review_black.jpgPerformance: Part Two
In the smaller surroundings of my master bedroom the Monitor 7s absolutely shined. While there were many aspects of their performance that I liked from their brief stint in my reference system, there was much more to like when placed in a space more conducive to their size. On Diana Krall's "I'm Coming Through" from her album The Girl in the Other Room (Verve), the opening cymbals were far more airy and textural compared to my reference room on account of simply not having to turn the music up as loud to obtain a reasonable sounding performance. I'm not saying that the Monitor 7s can't handle volume, they most certainly can, but they're just designed for smaller spaces where you don't necessarily have to result to excessive volumes in order to hear and/or fill the space. Krall's vocals were rich and firmly grounded within the soundstage, which now extended well beyond the speakers' outer edges and recessed far beyond the front wall. Despite their compact drivers and footprint, the Monitor 7's rendering of Krall's piano was near lifelike in its scale, weight and resolution, sounding natural all the while. The Monitor 7's entire midrange was far more open and weighty in my bedroom versus flat and forward, regardless of whether or not I employed the use of a subwoofer. In fact, I disconnected my JL Audio sub and swapped it out for a subwoofer more comparable in price to the Monitor 7s: GoldenEar's ForceField 4 subwoofer. Regardless of the sub, the Monitor 7s were able to blend beautifully and for the most part seamlessly. While the Monitor 7s didn't need to rely as heavily upon the subwoofer in my bedroom it was still a welcomed addition, leading me to come to the conclusion that despite being a floorstanding loudspeaker, the Monitor 7 really does react and sound more like a full-bodied bookshelf speaker

Switching gears to movies, I fired up Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Paramount) on Blu-ray disc. Skipping ahead to the climax of the film where our heroes do battle against the Decepticons in the Egyptian desert, the Monitor 7's performance was spot on, creating an effortless and in some cases a relentless wall of sound that kept up with the action unfolding on screen. There was no audible gap between the Monitor 7s and the matching center channel, leading me to believe there wouldn't be one between the Monitor 7s and any of the rear channel speakers Paradigm recommends pairing with them in order to create a true, five speaker surround sound system. Dialog, despite the chaos and destruction occurring on-screen, was intelligible and clear. I was especially impressed with the Monitor 7's lack of sibilance at high volumes with all that was unfolding on screen. While there were times I could sense the Monitor 7s were reaching their limits, they did an admirable job in retaining all of the subtle cues and sonic details present in the mix. 

Paradigm_Monitor_7_v7_floorstanding_speaker_review_black_grill.jpgThe Downside
It's hard to argue with a loudspeaker as capable as the Monitor 7s that also cost less than a grand, but there are some things you must consider before purchasing. First, the Monitor 7s are not designed to be utilized in larger rooms. If your room is larger than, say, 250-300 square feet you're going to want to invest the extra money in one of the larger, floorstanding Monitor speakers such as the Monitor 9 or 11. If you put the Monitor 7s in a room that is too large you're going to find that they come off as a little lean and forward as a result of having to be driven too hard in order to fill the surrounding space. 

Also, it's best to view the Monitor 7s not as a floorstanding speaker (which they are), but more like a robust bookshelf speaker for they do require the use of a subwoofer in order to achieve full-range status. Adding a subwoofer will not only fill out the Monitor 7's low end performance but also aide in opening up its midrange and treble performance as well by taking some of the burden off the speaker as well as your amplifier. While the Monitor 7 does claim to go as low as 48Hz, it's not exactly a nice 48Hz. I found crossing the Monitor 7 over in the 60 to 80Hz range to be a better fit and one that was more pleasing to the ear. 

Also, the Monitor 7s are not critical in terms of the amount of power they require from associated equipment such as amplifiers and/or AV receivers but they are critical to their "voices." I found the pairing of Paradigm and Onkyo to be far too forward and at times two-dimensional and harsh, whereas the pairing of the Monitor 7s and NAD was rather sublime. This is not a knock against the Monitor 7, for all speakers sound better when mated to the right associated gear; just be aware that the Monitor 7 will let you know when its happy. 

The Monitor 7's binding posts are more than a little finicky for me and are difficult to get a grip on and tighten, thanks to their recessed and angled design. Those using banana terminated speaker cables will be spared this headache, though those of you with spade terminated or bare wire will have to remember to breathe and take things slow so as not to cause undue stress. 

Lastly, the Monitor 7 looks so much better with its magnetic grill off and in its Heritage Cherry finish. With the grill on and in black ash there is little to distinguish the Monitor 7 from other plain Jane loudspeakers, outside of its plinth of course, which is somewhat of a letdown, for in its cherry clothing and with the grill off the Monitor 7 looks decidedly up-market. 

Competition and Comparison
There are a number of quality, affordable loudspeakers available these days especially given the rise of Internet-direct companies such as Aperion Audio and the like. That being said, the Monitor 7's number one competitor has to be Bowers & Wilkins' 600 Series, specifically the 684 floorstanding speaker that retails for $1,100 pair. Though it costs a little more, the 684 does give a bit more in terms of performance, specifically in the bass department thanks to its larger driver compliment. 

Another competitor would be Aperion Audio's Intumus 5T Tower Loudspeaker at $495 each and sold direct via Aperion's own website. The 5T's high-gloss black finish is better looking than the Monitor 7's though they both share a sort of narrow, lifestyle-friendly footprint. 

For something affordable but completely different, there is always Magenpan's MMG loudspeaker, which belongs in the same discussion as the Monitor 7, though you couldn't ask for a more different approach to loudspeaker design. 

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If you live in a small space or are looking to add a bit of audiophile and home theater drama to, say, a bedroom or den, then I suggest you take a good look at Paradigm's new Monitor 7 v.7 floorstanding loudspeaker. 

When properly setup in small to medium-sized rooms with components that favor musicality over features, the Monitor 7 is a fantastic all-rounder that competes favorably with others in and around its price class. I recommend getting the Monitor 7 in its Heritage Cherry finish and leaving the magnetic grills off so as to fool others into thinking you spent more money - but that's just me. Regardless, there's nothing wrong with these lifestyle friendly floorstanding speakers, especially when you consider their sub $1,000 price tag. Put 'em in a room complementary to their size and add an affordable subwoofer and you should be in music and movie heaven for years to come. 

Paradigm's Monitor line of speakers has always been one of my affordable favorites and with the introduction of their latest version, Version 7, they'll remain one of favorites a while longer.

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