Published On: February 3, 2009

Paradigm Reference Studio v.5 Speakers and Subwoofers

Published On: February 3, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Paradigm Reference Studio v.5 Speakers and Subwoofers

Today, Paradigm unveiled the fifth generation of its Reference Studio Series speakers. The latest updates benefit from engineering advances that further enhance the speakers' aesthetics, ergonomics and performance capabilities.

Paradigm Reference Studio v.5 Speakers and Subwoofers

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Paradigm_Studio.gifParadigm introduces the fifth generation of its Paradigm Reference Studio Series speakers. These updated models benefit from engineering advances that further enhance their aesthetics, ergonomics and performance capabilities.

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Series v.5 also introduces the smallest model to date in Paradigm's Reference Studio Series: Studio 10, a 15 x 8 x 12 inch bookshelf speaker with a maximum input power of 90 watts. Don't be fooled by the size! It packs a powerful punch for music and home theater. Every model in the line has received a cabinetry makeover and new grille; select models also feature a redesigned kickplate with outrigger feet sculpted to match the new cabinet. Two powerful new matching subwoofers also make an appearance.

Technology Advances
Paradigm has long been known for outfitting its speakers with midrange and bass drive units that are virtually free of unwanted vibrational resonances, cone standing waves and micro distortions. The new Studio v.5 line is no exception. On bass/midrange and bass drivers, Paradigm engages advanced Santoprene® rubber suspensions with a new elliptical shape, allowing the speakers to achieve even lower levels of distortion, with deeper and louder overall bass performance. High-hysteresis and progressive damping isolate and eliminate "edge-hole" distortion, while linearity is the finest Paradigm has ever achieved in this series.

Design Advances
The curved, modern look of the cabinetry in the Studio v.5 line doesn't just add a refined elegance to the next generation of Paradigm's award-winning speaker line. The curved enclosures also help solve the problems of unwanted internal sound reflections and edge diffraction that have long been associated with rectangular cabinets. Studio v.5 speakers are also treated to seven coats of the highest-quality lacquer, which is hand-sanded in between coats. The rich, deep wood grains are evident across models.

The cabinet tops, bottoms and baffles are MDF (medium density fiberboard) construction with critically placed internal bracing. The high-tech Permacote Linacoustic damping material helps to subdue any stray internal cabinet resonances and vibrations.

New outrigger feet with optional spikes and stability cradles are carefully sculpted to fit flush with the new floorstanding and cabinet-style center-channel models. These bronze-colored, bullet-shaped trimmings add a new level of stability and visual appeal to the Studio Series. New redesigned removable grille assemblies ensure the speakers sound every bit as clean and transparent with the grilles on or off.

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New Models in the Studio v.5 Lineup
The only model not comparably available in v.4 of the Studio Series is the Studio 10, now the smallest bookshelf speaker in the entire line. Ideal for home offices and smaller media/gaming rooms, the new Studio 10 features an unusual elliptical-shaped low-noise, low-turbulence port for unusually deep and articulate bass performance, without taking up a lot of real estate. In addition, the Studio 60 floorstanding loudspeaker has received an ergonomic makeover to reduce its footprint to fit better with today's popular home décor, without sacrificing stability or an ounce of sound quality.

Two Matching Subwoofers Play a Major Role in the Starting Lineup
Paradigm Reference SUB 12 and SUB 15 are the matching subwoofers for this series. These ultra-powerful state-of-the-art subwoofers boast Paradigm's own digital signal processing optimization and control. SUB 12 features a Paradigm designed, engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art 12-inch bass driver, while SUB 15 boasts a 15-inch driver. The custom-designed amplifiers boast 2,550 watts Dynamic Peak Power and 850 watts RMS Sustained power.

All Paradigm Reference Signature Studio Series v.5 speakers and matching SUB 12 and SUB 15 subwoofers are available in Cherry, Rosenut or Black real wood veneer finishes, except the ADP surround models, which are available in White or Black.

US FMV pricing for individual Paradigm Studio v.5 models is as follows, each:
Studio 10: $399 
Studio 20: $599 
Studio 60: $999 
Studio 100: $1,499
Studio CC-490: $799
Studio CC-590 $1,199
Studio CC-690: $1,499
SUB 12: $1,999
SUB 15: $2,799

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