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Paradigm_LCR5_image.gifFor over a year, Paradigm Signature S8 v.2s have served as my reference floor-standing speakers, for I've been unable to find other loudspeakers that mate superb sonic performance with affordability quite the way the S8s do. However, I'm an in-wall speaker fan and have always wondered if Paradigm could in some way take the performance of their Signature line of loudspeakers and package it in an in-wall speaker. Well, my prayers have been answered as Paradigm now has an in-wall speaker that takes its cues from their Signature floor-standing loudspeakers, as evident in the SIG-LCR 5 reviewed here.

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Retailing for $2,999 each, plus an additional $399 each for the required Backbox, the SIG-LCR 5s are not cheap, though they are cheaper than my reference Meridian 350 series in-walls and possess most if not all of their performance. The SIG-LCR 5 features six drivers, consisting of a single one-inch pure Beryllium dome tweeter, a four-and-a-half-inch midrange driver, two seven-inch bass/midrange drivers and two seven-inch bass drivers, giving the SIG-LCR 5 a reported frequency response of 58Hz-45kHz. While the SIG-LCR 5 may have a number of drivers requiring several crossover points, it is still an efficient design, with a 94dB rating into an eight-ohm load, allowing it to be powered by as little as a mid-fi receiver, though this is a reference speaker, so you'll want to surround it with similar gear for best results.

The SIG-LCR 5s themselves are rather narrow and, at first glance, appear as if they'll fit into a standard wall cavity, though these are not traditional in-walls, for they require the use of a separate Backbox for in-wall mounting. Because of the SA-LCR 5s' need for Paradigm's own Backbox, they are not technically retrofit in-walls like most other brands, including Paradigm's other in-wall offerings. You're going to need to expose the studs and framework of your wall(s) in order to install the SA-LCR 5s, which makes them ideal for new construction projects or heavy renovations. For best results, a professional custom installer should install the SA-LCR 5s.

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