Paradigm Signature S8 v.2 Loudspeakers Reviewed

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paradigm_signature_s8.jpgWhen it comes to top-flight speakers designed for peak performance at price levels a imed at the Everyman, no one does it better than Paradigm. Their newest assault on cost-no -object speakers, the Signature S8 v.2s reviewed here, are the latest absolute statement from the Canadian manufacturer. With retail prices starting at just under $6,000, the S8 v.2s cost about half as much as the competition they're up against and in many ways embarra ss. Armed with a one-inch Beryllium dome tweeter, a seven-inch Co-Pal cobalt-infused aluminum midrange driver and four seven-inch polypropylene bass cones, the S8 v.2 is nothing if not full range. The S8 v.2 is a relatively efficient design, with 92 dB sensitivity into a benign eight-ohm load, meaning the speaker is remarkably easy to drive to concert levels with both solid and tube-based amplifiers. The six-driver array is housed in a beautifully finished cabinet that comes in either a piano black lacquer or bird's eye maple. The finish is topnotch and gives the large S8 v.2 a sleek, elegant appearance, which goes a long way toward masking its overall stature and girth. The S8 v.2 has four outrigging feet to improve stability and tighten bass response and is bi-wireable via dual pairs of recessed WBT-style binding posts. The S8 v.2 has a ported design, which helps with overall bass response, but this also means placement in your room can require a bit more space.

Competition and Comparison
If you are interested in comparing the Paradigm Signature S8s against their competition, read our reviews for the
Revel Performa F52 loudspeaker and the MartinLogan Vista Hybrid loudspeaker.  You can also find more information by visiting our Floorstanding Speaker Section and our Paradigm brand page.  Discuss floorstanding speakers at  Find your nearest Paradigm dealer.

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