Published On: October 1, 2010

Paradigm Upgrades Its PDR Line

Published On: October 1, 2010

Paradigm Upgrades Its PDR Line

Paradigm has now released the latest version of the PDR Subwoofer series which includes the new PDR-W100 wireless model. This is the fifth version of the PDR series and includes upgrades for the PDR-8 and PDR-10 with the PDR-80 and PDR-100. The new PDR-W100 is the first ever wireless sub for Paradigm.

Paradigm_PDR-W100_subwoofer.gifParadigm announces the fifth version of the PDR subwoofer series which includes the introduction of the new PDR-W100 a wireless model. 

Upgrading the PDR-8 and PDR-10, Paradigm introduces the PDR-80 and PDR-100 with the same reinforced polymer-composite on the 8" and 10? single forward-firing drivers. Brand new to the PDR series, the PDR-W100 is the first-ever wireless sub for Paradigm, adding a new level of versatility and functionality to the brand. The PDR-W100 ships wireless ready, including Paradigm's own wireless transmitter.

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As with the PDR v.4, the sub/sat phase alignment switch for 0 degrees or 180 degrees allows users to adjust subwoofer settings to avoid "wave cancellation," which occurs when there are sound waves going forward and equal sound waves going backward in a room, thereby canceling each other out. A subwoofer that is 180 degrees out-of-phase with the main speakers would lead to an audible decrease in bass response. The phase alignment switch allows listeners to compensate for this scenario. In addition, both models feature a bypass option on the subwoofer cut-off frequency.

Aesthetically, the PDR Series features a lifestyle design cabinet with slim, curved edges for added appeal and it comes in a Black Ash finish. With removable grills and dual rear ports, customization options abound for customers.

Availability is estimated for late October for all models with the PDR-80 at $279, the PDR-100 at $399, and the PDR-W100 at $499.

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