Published On: October 25, 2009

Peter Jackson's District 9 Coming To Blu-ray

Published On: October 25, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Peter Jackson's District 9 Coming To Blu-ray

Executive producer Peter Jackson (maker of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) knew a good thing when he saw the presentation that, with Jackson's stewardship, became writer/director Neil Blomkamp's South African science-fiction thriller black comedy District 9.

Peter Jackson's District 9 Coming To Blu-ray

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From executive producer Peter Jackson (King Kong, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) comes the critically-acclaimed sci-fi thriller District 9, debuting on Blu-ray and 2-Disc DVD December 29 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Director Neill Blomkamp (Crossing the Line, Tempbot) enlists a cast of relative newcomers, including Sharlto Copley and Jason Cope (Doomsday), and groundbreaking special effects for the enthralling allegorical story of aliens stranded in South Africa.

Bonus materials on the Blu-ray• and DVD include commentary with Director/Co-Writer Neill Blomkamp, deleted scenes and the three-part documentary "The Alien Agenda: A Filmmaker's Log." The first part of the documentary explores the pre-production process and creation of the world of District 9, Peter Jackson's role in producing the film, and the unorthodox approach to using South Africa as the setting for this film. The second part delves into the shooting style of the film utilizing small handheld cameras to tell the tale, the difficulties of shooting in Johannesburg, the challenges of shooting scenes that would include visual effects later in the process, and the overall challenges encountered during the production process. The third chapter of the documentary investigates the task of designing and editing the film's sound effects, and the general challenges encountered during the editing process.

The 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray versions also exclusively feature four featurettes: "Metamorphosis: The Transformation of Wikus" looks at the practical effects employed by filmmaker Blomkamp and the artists at WETA to create Wikus's metamorphosis into an alien; "Innovation: The Acting and Improvisation of District 9" shows Blomkamp's direction of the actors, his encouragement of improvisation, and the actors' process for working together under these guidelines; "Conception and Design: Creating the World of District 9" depicts the amazing design and theory behind the world of District 9, including Alien Design, Alien Technology, Space Travel, MNU and The First Reaction Force Battalion; and "Alien Generation: The Visual Effects of District 9" offers an in-depth look at the process of shooting visual effects scenes and incorporating CGI aliens realistically into the scenes in post-production.

Bonus features exclusive to the Blu-ray Disc• include a Digital Copy of the film for PC, PSP® , Mac or iPod® , and the Interactive Map feature "Joburg from Above: Satellite and Schematics of the World of District 9," that allows users to explore alien technology and weaponry, MNU mercenary armory, and more from the film through a series of satellite maps, schematics and photo-real files. The PSP Digital Copy file will be included on the Blu-ray Disc for transfer to the PSP via PlayStation® 3.

The Blu-ray Disc also exclusively features movieIQ--which allows viewers to immediately access continuously updated information on the cast & crew and explore relevant trivia such as production facts, music and soundtrack information all tied to scenes within the movie via BD-Live•--and cinechat, where viewers can send on-screen instant messages to their friends while watching the movie. District 9 will be available on Blu-ray for $39.95 SRP, 2-Disc DVD for $36.95, 1-Disc DVD for $28.96, and UMD for $24.94 SRP.

From producer Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and director Neill Blomkamp comes a startlingly original science fiction thriller that "soars on the imagination of its creators" (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). With stunning special effects and gritty realism, the film plunges us into a world where the aliens have landed... only to be exiled to a slum on the fringes of Johannesburg. Now, one lone human discovers the mysterious secret of the extraterrestrial weapon technology. Hunted and hounded through the bizarre back alleys of an alien shantytown, he will discover what it means to be the ultimate outsider on your own planet.

District 9 was directed by Neill Blomkamp from an original screenplay by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell. Paul Hanson and Elliot Ferwerda co-executive produced. Bill Block and Ken Kamins executive produced. Philippa Boyens co-produced with Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham as producers.

1-Disc DVD Special Features Include:
§ Filmmaker's Commentary
§ Deleted Scenes
§ The Alien Agenda: A Filmmaker's Log - Three-Part Documentary

2-Disc DVD and Blu-ray Special Features Include:
§ Includes all the a/v on the 1-Disc PLUS:
§ Featurette: "Metamorphosis: The Transformation of Wikus"
§ Featurette: "Innovation: The Acting and Improvisation of District 9"
§ Featurette: "Conception and Design: Creating the World of District 9"
§ Featurette: "Alien Generation: The Visual Effects of District 9"

Blu-ray• Exclusives Include:
§ "Joburg from Above: Satellite and Schematics of the World of District 9" - Interactive Map
§ Digital Copy of the film for PC, PSP® , Mac or iPod®
§ Cinechat
§ movieIQ
§ 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

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