Published On: January 24, 2024

Philips 2024 Audio Lineup: Compact Soundbars and Solar-Powered Headphones

Published On: January 24, 2024
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Philips 2024 Audio Lineup: Compact Soundbars and Solar-Powered Headphones

Philips 2024 audio lineup aims to captivate audio enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike with its compact soundbars and self-charging headphones.

Philips 2024 Audio Lineup: Compact Soundbars and Solar-Powered Headphones

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In a recent product launch event held in Barcelona, Philips announced its 2024 audio lineup, featuring a range of compact soundbars and innovative solar-powered headphones. While the company's new TVs stole the show with their advanced Ambilight technology, the Philips 2024 audio range promises to complement the visual experience in a unique way.

Philips 2024 Audio Lineup: A Trio of New Soundbars

Philips 2024 audio range includes three new soundbars designed to seamlessly integrate with their line of advanced televisions. The highlight of this lineup is the TAB6309, a soundbar-plus-subwoofer combination designed to maintain the immersive Ambilight experience. What sets it apart is its remarkably slim profile, with the main bar measuring just 37mm in height. This minimalistic design ensures it won't obstruct the captivating halo of colored light emitted by Philips TVs.

The included wireless subwoofer, though compact, delivers impressive bass performance and can even be placed horizontally for added stability. The 2.1-channel system boasts a total power output of up to 320W, supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X playback, and offers customization options through four EQ modes and Dialogue Enhancement. 

Philips 2024 audio lineup - TAB6309 soundbar with subwoofer.

The TAB6309 also offers convenient connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.3, LE Audio, HDMI eARC, optical, Auxiliary, and USB playback. Philips' EasyLINK system allows for easy control of both the soundbar and TV with a single remote.

Stepping down from the TAB6309 is the TAB5309, another two-piece soundbar system with a 2.1-channel setup and a maximum power output of 240W. Despite its compact dimensions, it offers a robust audio experience and features Bluetooth 5.3, LE Audio, HDMI ARC, optical, Auxiliary, and USB playback. However, it lacks support for Dolby Atmos playback.

Completing the soundbar lineup is the TAB5109, a single 2.0-channel soundbar designed for smaller rooms. With a width of 766mm, it aims to improve TV sound quality without the need for an external subwoofer. While it doesn't support Dolby Atmos, it offers DTS Virtual X and Dolby Digital Plus compatibility, along with HDMI ARC, optical, Auxiliary, USB, Bluetooth 5.3, and LE Audio connectivity options.

Philips 2024 Audio Lineup: Solar-Powered Headphones

Philips also unveiled its A6219 on-ear GO sports headphones, which utilize Powerfoyle solar-cell technology. These headphones can self-charge through both indoor artificial light and outdoor sunlight, offering a potentially unlimited battery life without the need for conventional charging. A full charge reportedly provides an impressive 80 hours of playback, and users can monitor the solar charging process through the Philips Headphone App.

Designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, the A6219 headphones come with IP55 protection against water, sweat, and dust. They are lightweight, incorporating 35% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics, washable fabric covers for the ear cups, and gel-filled ear cushions for comfortable and extended use. The headphones feature 40mm drivers, the option of a dynamic bass boost, and an AI-equipped microphone for enhanced call quality.

Philips 2024 audio lineup:  A6219 on-ear GO sports headphones.

Joining the A6219 are the H6509 over-ear headphones, offering improved sound quality with new 40mm drivers. These headphones include Philips' Hybrid Noise Cancelling Pro system and can automatically pair with Philips' Titan-equipped TVs for low-latency wireless listening. Bluetooth multipoint allows for seamless connections to multiple devices, offering up to 60 hours of battery life (40 hours with ANC active).

For those who prefer in-ear headphones during sports activities, the A6709 true wireless earbuds offer an open acoustic design. These earbuds provide rich sound while allowing for environmental awareness, with minimal sound leakage to those nearby. With an IP55 rating and a quick charge feature, they are ideal for active users, offering seven hours of playback from a single charge and an additional 21 hours from the charging case.

Philips has yet to confirm pricing and availability for these audio products, but they are expected to hit the market in the coming months.

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