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The $399 Philips BDP7200 is a Profile 1.1 player, which means it contains the secondary audio and video decoders needed for picture-in-picture playback. However, it does not support BD-Live Web functionality. The back panel sports the following video outputs: HDMI, component video and composite video. Output resolution options for HDMI are 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60 and 1080p/24. This model does not have a dedicated Source Direct mode; if you enable 1080p/24 in the menu, the player automatically outputs this format with compatible Blu-ray discs, provided your TV accepts 1080p/24. For component video, 1080i is the maximum output resolutionfor Blu-ray and 480p is the maximum output resolution for standard-def DVDs.

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In terms of audio outputs, the BDP7200 offers HDMI, optical and coaxial digital, and two- and 5.1-channel analog audio outputs. You can't bridge the two- and 5.1-channel analog outs to create a 7.1-channel system. The player doesn't have internal Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoders, but it will pass these formats in their native bitstream form over HDMI. That means you need a receiver with high-resolution audio decoding in order to listen to these formats.

The BDP7200 supports BD, DVD, CD, MP3, WMA (non-DRM) and JPEG playback via the disc drive, and it is a Divx-certified playback device. There is no Ethernet port to access BD-Live Web content or perform quick firmware updates. To update the firmware, you must download the new software from Philips' website and load it onto the player.

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