Published On: June 9, 2010

Philips Pronto Launches New Accessory Line

Published On: June 9, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Philips Pronto Launches New Accessory Line

Polar Bear Solutions sounds like it could either be what large white Arctic mammals are doing to combat global warming, or what Arctic humans are doing about large white Arctic mammals. In fact, it's a new accessory line from Philips Pronto.

Philips Pronto Launches New Accessory Line

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PhilipsPronto.gifPhilips Pronto, a provider of two-way control solutions for the home, launched a line of accessories today designed by Polar Bear Solutions. These new accessories will give integrators new options when installing any Pronto product. The new line consists of two Wall Docking Stations, a Power Sensor Relay and a Video Sensor.

The Wall Docking Stations (PBS9600W and PBS9800W) are flush mount in-wall docks that allow the Pronto TSU9600 and TSU9800 control panels to be stored in wall, extending the possible uses of the panels and allowing the product to compete with other more expensive solutions.

The PBS9600W allows for the removal of the TSU9600 from the wall, allowing for mobility while retaining functionality. The 9600W wall docking station also hosts a set of four built-in buttons located at the base of the dock and can be used for critical services regardless of whether the Pronto TSU9600 is charging in the dock or has been left elsewhere in the room. These buttons allow for integration into an existing lighting control solution such as Lutron or iLight systems. They can also be used to control a projector screen or automate other aspects of the home or property.

The PBS9800W flush wall mount kit comes in two parts: the wall box and the main caddy and frame. The bezel can be removed to gain access to the USB connector and power switch necessary for updating, without the need to remote the entire unit from the wall.

The Power Sensor Relay PBS1001S is small and sits in line with the main supply to a DVD player, flat screen television, set top box, or any other device, and monitors the current energy usage of the device. The unit provides physical feedback via an output contact to indicate if the unit is on or in standby. When used with Pronto's RFX9600 extenders sensor inputs, this information can be used within a control system to manage the power status of devices or to be used to determine the appropriate IR codes for control.

The PBS1001S also has the ability to shut off main power to the equipment it is connected to, allowing installers to create more energy efficient installations. The sensor can be used to shut off devices that are in standby mode, helping to reduce both energy consumption and heat buildup within cabinets and enclosures. It is also ideal for resetting hard-to-access AV equipment.

The Video Sensor (PBS1002S) works with the Pronto extender RFX9600 and connects to an unused composite video output from a DVD player, flat screen, set top box, or other device and monitors the signal produced from that device. The unit provides physical feedback (via an output contact) to indicate if the signal is present. This information can be used within a control system to manage the power status of devices or to be used to determine the appropriate IR codes for control inside conditional macros. The Video Sensor can be powered directly from the Pronto RFX9600 appropriate 5V DC regulated power supply. The output trigger that indicates if the connected device is either on or in standby is an isolated relay output ensuring that a clean volt free indicator is provided to the attached control system.

The Wall Docking Stations, Power Sensor Relay and Video Sensor are now available through authorized Philips Pronto distributors throughout the United States.

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