Philips to Launch New 4K TVs with Google Cast

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Philips-65PFL6601.pngPhilips has announced that its new 6000 Series of UHD TVs featuring Google Cast technology will be available in June and July. The 6000 Series includes screen sizes of 43, 49, 55, and 65 inches, and all models include HDR capability. The 49- and 55-inch models feature a BrightPro LED backlighting system with Micro Dimming and an IPS LCD panel, while the 43- and 65-inch models feature a Macro Dimming LED backlight on a VA LCD panel. All models have built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Google Cast support means you can instantly and wirelessly send content from compatible apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Vudu from your smartphone or tablet to the TV. Prices range from $649.99 to $1,499.99.

From Philips
P&F USA, a Philips brand license partner, next month launches a new line of Philips 4K Ultra HD televisions that feature Google Cast, the same technology behind Chromecast that lets users stream their favorite entertainment from their phone, tablet or laptop right to their TV. The Philips Google Cast 4K TVs with Google Cast built in allow the consumer to use a mobile device to stream movies, music, sports, games and more from thousands of apps to the new Philips 6000 series TVs. In addition to Google Cast, the 6000 series delivers the detailed resolution that only 4K can provide, plus the true-to-life picture quality of HDR.

The new 6000 series offers four screen sizes - 43-inch class, 49-inch class, 55-inch class and 65-inch class. The 49-inch and 55-inch models feature a BrightPro LED backlighting system along with Micro Dimming backlight for enhanced HDR performance on IPS LCD panels. While the 43-inch and 65-inch model features a Macro Dimming LED backlight on a VA LCD panel as well as HDR support. Each also features 802.11ac Wireless LAN with MIMO antennas for faster, more reliable connections and a better streaming experience.

"Our new 6000 series TVs provide the consumer with the convenience and versatility of Google Cast, plus the peace of mind that they are getting a top-performing 4K television with the most up-to-date technology that provides outstanding picture quality and ensures that the TV will work flawlessly with 4K sources," said Karl Bearnarth, executive vice president, sales and marketing, P&F USA, Inc., the exclusive North American licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home video products.

With Google Cast, consumers use their phone to search, browse, queue and control the TV from anywhere in the home. Consumers simply tap the Cast button in Google Cast-enabled apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Vudu to stream content to their TV with no additional logins or downloads required. Once the content is "cast," the TV pulls the material from the internet and streams it directly from the source, leaving the phone or tablet free to be used without disrupting what's playing on the TV or draining the battery. What's more, a phone or tablet can be used to search browse, queue and control the TV from anywhere in the home. When casting games, the game is rendered on the TV, while the touchscreen smart device acts as a custom controller.

The most significant contribution to the picture quality of the 6000 series is HDR, to be offered in all new Philips 4K televisions. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, provides a striking improvement in brightness, contrast and color performance. For clear and vibrant images during fast action scenes, 6000 series TVs feature Philips 120 Perfect Motion Rate that reduces response time to produce faster picture transitions and reduce motion artifacts. The new BrightPro LED backlight further enhances performance by boosting brightness to deliver a more dynamic, impactful image, while the Pixel Plus Ultra HD processing engine produces sharper images with brighter whites and blacker blacks.

To deliver rich, full sound, 6000 series TVs feature Sonic Emotion Premium sound enhancement, which includes Sonic Emotion's Absolute 3D award-winning sound technology that produces immersive 3D sound experiences with a precise soundstage and clear dialog.

HDMI 2.0a with HDCP2.2 on all HDMI ports and built-in HEVC and VP9 decoders mean that 6000 series TVs can handle HDR 4K Blu-ray plus cable, satellite and streaming 4K media, including Netflix and YouTube 4K.

The advanced performance of the 6000 series is reflected in its design, which features an ultra-thin bezel and a pair of discreet, graceful cast metal legs that provide stability and give the set an elegant appearance.

Screen sizes, prices and availability for the Philips 6000 series HDTVs are:

43PFL6621/F7 $649.99 July 2016

49PFL6921/F7 $799.99 June 2016

55PFL6921/F7 $999.99 June 2016

65PFL6621/F7 $1499.99 July 2016

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