Pioneer Introduces XDP-100R Digital Audio Player with MQA Support

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Pioneer-XDP-100R.jpgAt the recent IFA show in Germany, Pioneer introduced its new XDP-100R hi-res digital audio player. In additon to support for DSD 11.2MHz and FLAC/WAV files up to 24-bit/384-kHz, the XDP-100R will be the first hi-res player to support the MQA format (you can read more about it here). The player has Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, a 4.7-inch display, and 32 GB of internal memory, plus two microSD slots. It is built around the Android OS, with support for Google Play apps. Pricing has not yet been announced, but the XDP-100R will be available in early November.

From Pioneer
There is a groundswell of "higher than CD quality" High-Res audio formats and player devices that support them. With the mainstream growth for streaming audio and video services, many users are looking for more ways to enjoy their high-res contents on the go.

Pioneer is proud to announce the XDP-100R Digital Audio Player. Based on Android OS, it supports many high-res audio formats up to DSD 11.2MHz, 384-kHz/24-bit FLAC/WAV audio files, in addition to streaming audio and the upcoming MQA format.

The class-leading 4.7-inch display can make Google Play apps further expand its capabilities. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support allow for a variety of wireless connectivity options. With the preloaded OnkyoMusic app, you can download high-res audio files without the need of a PC. And with two micro SD card slots, along with the built in storage, you can max out the total storage up to 288 GB.

The XDP-100R is based on our years of experience building component and portable audio devices. Based on ESS technology's SABRE DAC ES9018K2M and SABRE 9601K, all functions within the XDP-100R are blocked off in a closed-loop construction to eliminate any extraneous noise. The audio board and CPU board are separated internally, further isolating sources of noise, using the same approach�as separating an amplifier from the playback device in a component stereo. It will improve the sound quality of your existing audio library. You can import your existing music files simply via the X-DAP Link app. In addition to the rigid aluminum body, the top and bottom have removable bumpers to protect the cables/connectors from wear and tear.

XDP-100R Features
� Freedom of Google Play
Access to Google Play will open the capabilities of the XDP-100R beyond what's built in, like streaming music, video, and games. (Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL are included among "Useful Apps" tab)

� Multiple connectivity methods with high-quality audio outputs
- Digital output through Micro USB/OTG support allows for both high-quality output via the headphone jack and peripheral connections.
- 3.5mm stereo mini output(w/Line out mode)
- Micro USB/OTG digital output supports up to DSD 11.2MHz and 384-kHz/24-bit (DoP/Direct Transfer/PCM conversion)

� Wireless high-res audio with apt-X support via Bluetooth
- "Play Thru" function supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct playback up to 192-kHz/24-bit (via free update)

� With playback support of up to DSD 11.2MHz, 384-kHz/24-bit FLAC/WAV files, we've designed the XDP-100R from the ground up to make it the best audio player we could build.
- Featuring ESS Technology's top of the line SABRE DAC "ES9018K2M" and SABRE "9601K" amp for the highest possible sound quality and accurate relay from the D/A convertor to analog amp.
- Separated DAC/AMP circuit board and CPU circuit board isolates the audio circuitry from noise. Circuit board layout with roots in audio technology.
-�Analog circuitry is consolidated around the headphone jack. The switching circuitry is located as far away as possible to keep noise isolated. Each device has an independent local power supply, allowing for closed-loop circuit design. Audio signals are completely isolated from other blocks to keep the signal pure. The circuit board design was tuned to the micron to eliminate grounding issues.

� Industry-first support of "MQA" lossless format (via free update).

� Support for up to 288 GB (32 GB internal + dual microSD).

� Direct download of music from OnkyoMusic service without the need of a PC.

� Six built-in sound adjustments (Lock range adjust, digital filter, upsampling to 384 kHz, Realtime DSD conversion to 5.6 MHz, High Precision EQ, Club Sound Boost).

� Innovative new GUI with quick access to frequently used playlists and EQ setting directly above and below the "play screen," accessible with the flick of a finger and physical buttons for all transport controls for "no look" operation.

� Easy music file transfers from your PC to the player "X-DAP link."
?� Volume knob with 161-step positions for fine granular control.

� Built-in speaker made by Onkyo for casual listening without headphones.

� Rigid machined aluminum body design with removable bumpers to protect the cables/connectors from wear�and tear.

Additional Resources
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� Learn more about MQA audio on Meridian's website.

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