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Ideabox_Media_Group_control_panel.jpgAt Ideabox, they successfully install home entertainment and control system solutions by completely understanding your needs at every level and from every perspective.

The process is a simple, proven roadmap that has guided them through hundreds of projects. This process was built to provide clarity for everyone involved in the project.

This process is simple and begins with an interview to understand your wants and needs, followed by an introduction to what is available now and also on the horizon for the future. While it may seem that the systems Ideabox provides are on the cutting edge, they are actually quite conservative and pragmatic. They'll advise you on what is appropriate to achieve your desired level of functionality, aesthetic and performance while guiding you to make wise choices when apportioning budgets.

Based upon these discussions, they'll identify critical design considerations, collaborate with your design/construction team, provide architectural details, and develop comprehensive engineering documentation.During the construction phase, Ideabox's well-trained, professional technicians will install the infrastructure for your home utilizing the latest tools and best practices. And finally, the hardware installation phase brings your systems to life - they'll label every wire, calibrate the flat screens, balance the audio, engrave the keypads, program and test the system until it is virtually unbreakable.

For a more in-depth description outlining each step of their process, please contact Ideabox directly.

6445 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 115, Arden, Nevada 89113-0706, United States
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