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Terry Merritt and Deniz Daldal's Design Interaction is a Northern California haven for audiophiles and videophiles looking for real-world, performance based AV systems. This is no foo-foo Crestron-ed up BS. Design Interaction sells top performing home theater and music playback systems with brands like Mark Levinson, JBL Everest (on live demo) and Synthesis,
Runco, Bryston, Pioneer, Revel, Sonos, Speakercraft, Furman, WADIA, Onkyo and
Integra.  They are very good video calibrators and with decades of studio and speaker design experience, Design Interaction, is able to tune the audio and acoustics of a room to make even an entry level system rock.

Design Interaction engineers, sells and installs systems all over Northern California including San Jose, Palo Alto, Atherton, Woodside, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Burlingame, San Francisco, Los Gatos and beyond. Many of their clients recruit them to work on other properties outside of the area as well.

With a client list that boasts execs from nearly every big tech company in Silicon Valley as well as a whole team of venture capitalists from Sand Hill - clients say the best part about Design Interaction is the fact that they are so down to Earth that they will spend hours teaching, tweaking and testing for a newbie music lover. Just bring your CDs, Blu-rays and iPod and they will teach you the ways of high end audio and video.

Auditions are by appointment only.

739 Vista Drive , California 94062-3101, California - Northern
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