The "New" Audible Difference (Palo Alto)



The "old" Audible Difference through the late 1980's and all through the 1990's was one of the five or ten biggest retail powers in high end audio and had a strong presence in the home theater business as Rich Green grew the company along with the tech and dotcom companies/execs that made up his clientele. In 1999, much like Christopher Hansen's design firm, Cello Music and Film New York, Cello Los Angeles and a handful or two of other absolute top notch stores were bought up and made part of the ill-fated Cello retail brand. When that dotcom billionaire couldn't gas up his 737 (yes, he had his own Boeing 737) many of the stores and careers went back to doing the great work that they did on their own including Cello Los Angeles becoming Simply Home Entertainment and ultimately The Audible Difference becoming part of the retail consortium that also features San Francisco Stereo and Future Sound.

Today The New Audible Difference might not be as esoteric and audiophile-y as before but it is as strong a retailer as you will find in the Bay Area. Complete with top lines, a full custom instillation staff and relevant system designs - The Audible Difference is an A-list option for anyone in Northern California looking for a top notch home theater or music playback system in one or many rooms of their home.

3337 El Camino Real , California 94306-2804, California - Northern
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