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Travis_Sound_Design_Harrys_Bar.jpgTravis Sound Design is committed in providing the best in Home Entertainment and Control Systems for both residential and commercial properties. We provide reliable, superior consultation, design and installation of electronic systems. During the consultation process, we will create a system that fits your vision and lifestyle. Paying close attention to detail throughout the entire process, we ensure the system will meet or exceed all of your expectations. And best of all, we provide full training on all of your new equipment.

Travis_Sound_Design_Harrys_Dining_Room.jpgWe are known for our relationships that we build with our clients. We accomplish this by making sure that your entertainment system continues to run efficiently by following up with regular maintenance and educating you with ways that you can help to keep your system running at top performance for years to come.

Travis-Sound-Design-home-theater.jpgTravis Sound Design has been providing professional consultation and installation in commercial and residential audio, video, lighting control systems since 2004. Company owner, Jeff Travis, has over seventeen years of experience with innovative design and expert installation. Jeff continues to be actively involved with each project.

Our clients range from sports bars, lounges, clubs, restaurants, athletic clubs, corporate boardrooms as well as many residential properties.

Travis-Sound-Design-theater-room.jpgAt Travis Sound Design it's more than just great sound, it's a lifestyle.

5540 State Road 50, Suite 105, PO Box 544 , Wisconsin 53115-4214, Wisconsin
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